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iPhone 5 Is More Powerful Than The Fastest PowerBook Ever Made

We’ve come a long way, guys. The best possible laptop you could buy from Apple in 2005 scored around 1000 on Geekbench, a popular performance-testing program. The A6 chip in the newest iPhone 5 demolishes that number by a fair margin.

Pentium, PowerBook, BlackBerry Got Their Names From Same Place

We use things every single day, and call them by their names. I pick up my iPhone. I drink my Fresca (shut up). But the names don’t just appear. It’s actually someone’s job — and they’re great at it.

Everything Old Is New Again

On the left, HP’s new ProBook. On the right, Apple’s old PowerBook.

The Sleepiest Apple Design Timeline (But Wait! In 3D!)

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It’s too early for trance this mellow (mmm, bed… sleeeeeep) but the 3D models of iconic Apple products from the Newton to the OG iBook to iPad are good enough to keep your eyes open for. [Recombu]

PowerBook Snowboarding Isn't Quite Olympics-Ready

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From the looks of this video, while it’s technically possible to craft a snowboard out of two Apple PowerBooks, you’re probably better off buying the real thing (or investing a little more in newer unibody models).

It's OK. I Love My Old Gear, Too

You’d think a guy who writes about tech all day would have the latest and greatest gear. Confession time: I don’t. In fact, most of it’s pretty old and I sort of like it that way.

Unlucky PowerBook Pegged By Foul Ball

Here’s something you never want to happen to your laptop: a foul ball squarely pegging it during a major league ball game.

Laser-Etched Powerbook Ensures Hands Never Leave the Keyboard, Ever

Instructables user noahw used an Epilog etcher to lase an imprint of his hands and forearms, eternally vigilant in home row position, onto the top case of his PowerBook G4. Noah says that typing on top of his own hands is “a little freaky” (as is the brownish mildewy patina on the etched keys, ahem) but if you are looking for something to bring your Mavis Beacon score up the extra five points you’ve been seeking, this could be it. [Instructables] galleryPost('pbhandlaser', 3, '');

PowerBook/Xbox 360 Mod Makes the PowerBook Bulkier, Less Portable

Most DIY projects that involve taking one device and cramming it into the guts of another end up squeezing a large gadget into a smaller one. It’s impressive! But to take a PowerBook G4 and to put it into the hulking husk of an Xbox 360? I’m not sure I get the point. You take an old laptop that was portable and stick it into something that is decidedly not portable. Uh, cool? And the DVD drive is sticking out of the side, making the Xbox 360’s drive useless!

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