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Scary Video Shows A Jumping Castle Floating Away Straight Into Power Lines

Video: This is definitely what you don’t want to see at a kid’s birthday party: A jumping castle flying away straight into the power lines after being swept up in the air by a big gust of wind. You can actually see it first fly away from the power lines but then suddenly make a quick U-turn straight into the transmission tower. After it makes contact, sparks fly and a mini-explosion could even be heard. Scary.

Portugal Just Powered Itself Exclusively On Renewable Energy For Four Whole Days

Last week, the nation of Portugal achieved something remarkable. For 107 hours — about four days — the country ran on nothing but wind, solar and hydro power.

Venezuela Shortens Work Week To Just Two Days Due To Extreme Energy Crisis

Over the last few years, Venezuelans have suffered from the devastating impacts of a crumbling economy. Now severe drought has incapacitated its biggest hydroelectric plant, leading to daily blackouts. Earlier this month, the country mandated a three-day weekend as part of energy rationing. Now the situation has gotten worse, and yesterday President Nicolas Maduro shortened that work week to just two days.

China's Planning To Build Floating Nuclear Power Stations

Finding a site to build a nuclear power plant isn’t straightforward — so why not send them out to sea? That’s what China is apparently planning to do.

This Monstrous Battery Can Charge Your Phone For 40 Days After The Apocalypse

The average smartphone’s battery provides around 2500mAh of power — usually enough to get you through the day. Anker’s new PowerHouse, which is about the size of a concrete block, boasts 120,600mAh. You can use it to recharge your phone for up to 40 days straight if for some reason your power has gone out.

Venezuela Switches To Three-Day Weekend To Conserve Electricity  

Venezuela relies heavily on hydroelectric power generation but has been suffering from a long and heavy drought. Now it’s taking desperate action, introducing a three-day weekend to help reduce demand for electricity.

A Simple Angled Plug Just Fixed Everything Wrong With Apple's MacBook Power Adaptor

The MacBook itself is a gorgeous example of near-perfect product design. But its power adaptor? That’s a different story.

The More You Fidget In This Chair, The More Gadgets It Can Charge

Centuries ago, man’s biggest struggle was survival. Today, it’s finding a way to keep our smartphones charged until bedtime. But instead of having to hunt for an available power outlet, Nathalie Teugels has designed a comfy chair that converts your fidgets and nervous energy into usable electricity.

There's A New Kind Of Wi-Fi That Uses 10,000 Times Less Power

Wi-Fi is already a very great thing. Problem is — especially for mobile devices — Wi-Fi is also an energy suck. But now, scientists have come up with a way of connecting to Wi-Fi that requires even less energy than a Bluetooth connection.

BioLite's New Camping Accessories Make Roughing It Not So Rough

Unless required by your reality TV series, you don’t always need to completely disconnect from civilisation when you venture into the great outdoors. And BioLite is introducing three new ways to make camping a little more comfortable.

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