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Black+Decker Put A USB Port On Its New Bluetooth Batteries To Charge Your Phone Too

You need a lot of extra batteries to keep the cordless tools on a construction site working all day, and to make it slightly easier to manage them, Black+Decker will soon introduce Bluetooth connectivity on its rechargeable tool batteries so a smartphone and an app can keep tabs on every last one.

New Solar Gadgets To Charge Your Camping Gear

Like camping, but can’t give up the gadgets and luxuries of home? Solar power can keep you going when off the grid. The team at Gizmodo Australia has rounded up 10 of the best solar powered gadgets available in Australia to help keep the electrons flowing next time you go camping.

Morocco's New Solar Plant Will Cover An Area Larger Than Its Capital City

Next month, the first phase of a new solar plant will open in Morocco — and when it’s finished, it will cover an area even larger than the country’s capital city of Rabat.

You Can Quickly Recharge This Backup Battery Using Your MacBook's Charger

Portable chargers have become as ubiquitous a smartphone accessory as cases, and rarely do they include any genuine innovation anymore — but the Quarter does. It’s the first backup battery that can be charged using your MacBook’s power adaptor, giving you enough juice to revive a dead iPhone in just 15 minutes.

Apple Plans To Offset The Energy Used To Make Every iPhone With Renewables

Apple’s been pushing its shift to renewable electricity for a little while, but its latest plan is pretty ambitious: it’s working with Foxconn to ensure it generates as much clean energy as it takes to put the iPhone together.

Enphase's Energy System Hits Australia: Tesla Rival For Home Electricity Storage

Over in South Australia, the power networks are working with Enphase Energy to trial another new distributed energy storage system. Compared to Tesla’s Powerwall (and some other existing battery storage), the system promises to be more flexible and has a smart management system — but at what cost?

Australia's Electricity Companies Will Fight Tesla Over Powerwall Batteries

Opinion: Tesla’s Powerwall battery is coming to Australia later this year, and it promises to lower your power bills by charging from your house’s solar panels or when off-peak energy generation tariffs are in effect. But it may face competition and obstruction from Australia’s existing energy suppliers and retailers, whose current businesses are built around power generation and consumption, not storage.

Ultra-Thin Carbon Nanotube Heaters Will Warm Electric Cars Without Draining Batteries

Since all of the electronics in an electric car are reliant on the same battery as its motor, driving around in the winter with the heater blasting can greatly reduce its range. But a new type of ultra-thin, and ultra-efficient, heating panel covered in carbon nanotubes might change that.

New Hybrid Solar Cell Produces 5 Times Higher Voltage Than Competitors

Solar cells are becoming increasingly efficient, but many still fail to make full use of the radiation that falls upon them. A new hybrid cell, however, converts unused light into heat to boost its efficiency by 20 percent.

SNES Controller Backup Battery: Now You're Really Playing With Power

Even if you haven’t touched a Super Nintendo in 20 years, you probably still remember the first time you held its near flawless controller. So why not indulge in a little nostalgia with this $US87 portable charger that looks like an SNES controller, minus all the Doritos stains.

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