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The New ZipDisc: Zero Storage At 15,000 RPM

Zip Disks were at one time a tiny miracle; 1996, 100MB of storage sounded endless. Well, the name is back, but the spelling is different and the purpose is nearly unrecognisable.

10 Power Tools Every Man Should Own

Tempting as it may be to covet plunge routers, nail guns and compounds sliding mitre saws, they’re just not right for most guys. But a tiny drill is something no junk drawer should go without.

Insanely Strong Wire Cutter Snips Cables As Fat As Your Finger

Cutting wire by hand is hard — even with a pair of light-up dikes — especially when running the fat wires that serve breaker subpanels. Milwaukee’s new ratcheting power cable cutter should aid the tradesmen that spend days snipping conduit; pull the trigger, and the tool bites cords with up to 5,000 pounds per square inch of pressure. Doesn’t hurt that it looks like a cross between a falcon and a Glock, either.

Australia's Top 10 Inventions: The Electric Drill

To celebrate Australia Day this week, we’re looking at some of the best inventions to ever come out of our sunburnt country. Today, we pay homage to Arthur James Arnot, who used his knowledge of electricity to create the world’s first electric drill.

How To Take Good Care Of Your Power Tools

Proper maintenance of your power tools is essential. Doing so not only helps extend the life of your tools but increases your chances of finishing that project with all of your digits. Norm “Ten Fingers” Abram from This Old House magazine has some suggestions.

Bosch's Corkscrew Is One Power Tool I Wouldn't Mind Using

It’s not even lunchtime yet, but already I’m dreaming of that first glass of vino collapso. What? It’s practically the holidays. Let me get on with my boozehound ways – preferably with this Bosch power drill-corkscrew-hybrid.

5 Things To Know Before Buying A Cordless Power Tool

There’s no better way to say “Merry Christmas, dear friend” than with a double-bevel compound miter saw or a heavy-duty 18V impact driver. But before you pick up a cordless tool for that special someone, keep these five things in mind.

Saw-Powered Dragster Is Lots Of Fun, Potentially Horrible Death

Here’s a weekend DIY idea if you have six 16-inch Makita circular saws lying around: build a dragster, use them as your engine, and enter the Power Tool Drag Racing Competition. That’s exactly what Barry Lee, in the photo, did.

Lego Circular Saw

I really got excited when I saw this circular saw made entirely out of Lego except for the blade, which is very real. Then I watched the video:

Jilted Wife Gets Revenge By Rewiring Husband's Power Tools

What she did is wrong, but I have to admit – I like (and am a little turned on by) Carolyn Paulsen-Riat’s style. When her husband decided to leave her, she got creative with her plot for revenge.

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