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I Wish I Had This Do-It-All Portable Power Station When I Flew Abroad

I just came back from a two-week vacation in Europe. I took loads of gadgets. How did I keep them charged? Why, an unwieldy gadget cornucopia consisting of two AC splitters, a USB wall wart, and an external battery for topping up on the go. If only I’d had the Belkin TravelRockstar, I could have lightened my load.

Power Strip With USB Ports Solves Very Obscure Problem

Maybe it’s a little too particular to complain about your gadgets not getting the exact kind of charge they’re supposed to get. Oh well. The Kopi KBAR power strip fixes that issue with with a switch that lets you change the wattage when your phone’s juicing up.

You Won't Want To Hide This Gorgeous Power Bar Under Your Desk

When jammed full of plugs and adaptors, your typical power bar is an eyesore you’re happy to stash out of sight. But Punkt’s new ES 01 wrangles all your power cables in a beautiful UFO-like design that you just might want to put on display right next to the photos of your kids.

This Piggy Power Strip Is Too Cute/Creepy To Resist

Even though it’s bound to burn a hole through your desk, I still kind of want this thing. Yet another “classic” from Art Lebedev, the Svintus plug pig has 17 Type F sockets for all your Russian power needs.

The Share-A-Watt Is A Travel Power Strip For Cafe Cassanovas

You’re at the cafe and you battery is toast but, as usual, every last power outlet is filled. Why beg for time on an outlet like a schmuck when you can ask that cute redhead in the corner if you two can double up using the Share-A-Watt?

Absolutely Genius: Slide Your Plugs Into Slots Instead Of Individual Holes

I can’t believe no one has thought of this until now. I will never have to rearrange my mobile phone charger plug, laptop plug and the dozen others that fight for space on a single traditional power strip ever again.

This Waterproof Power Strip Scares Me

Wet Circuits’ waterproof power strip is so brilliant, it feels wrong. Just look at the water splashing all over the electrical outlets! That picture alone sends me quivering, I half-expect it to blow up in a horrific explosion.

Kill-A-Watt Power Strip Review: Green Guilt Comes To Your Home Theatre

I love my P3 Kill-A-Watt power meter, so when I spotted the Kill-A-Watt power strip at CES, I immediately knew its value: Track all your earth-killing home-theatre gear with a single tool. It works, but “simple” is good and bad.

Ambient Light: A Pleasant Reminder Your Gadgets Waste Energy

It’ll be at least a decade before the Bloom Box solves our energy crisis. In the meantime, you’re gonna have to turn off your gadgets. This concept uses ambient light to gently remind you which are still sucking power.

Modular, Multi-Tab Power Strip Makes Competition Look Antiquated

There’s no special tech inside this power strip concept that could prevent it from coming to market tomorrow. Instead, simple, good design makes an everyday product even better. Let me explain.

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