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At Christmas Time, Check Your Power Boards And Double Adaptors

With Christmas lights and glowing decorations already up in houses across the country, this is the time of year that we bring out those rarely-used extra power boards and overload them with double adaptors on top of other adaptors. The ACCC wants you to check those boards for defects, though, with over 200,000 unsafe power boards and double adaptors sold across Australia within the last few months.

Inside Power Boards: Meet The Aussie Tony Stark Of Surfing

The sweet smell of resin fills the air. Drawers full of propeller concepts, cable arrays, batteries and tools line workbenches. Stacked to the side is the fruit of 10 years of work: the world’s best motorised surfboard, built, backed and ridden by Aussies. It’s not just going to change the surfing world forever, it’s going to save lives too. Come with us on a hands-on tour of the revolutionary Power Board.

Which Power Board Strategy Makes The Most Sense?

We’ve examined the price of power already; now it’s time to move on to providing power in the most economical way. Is it worth getting a dedicated fancy power board to save yourself some cash, or just sticking to a generic model?

Lunchtime Deal: DSE Surge Board $29.95

I’m sure this is just coincidental; Woolies announces it’s selling off Dick Smith Electronics, and suddenly a few really good deals pop up. Certainly coincidental. Anyway, on with the show…< I'll admit it; in the great pantheon of gadgets, the humble surge protected powerboard isn't up there with the greats. It's not sleek or sexy, but you'll discover just how desirable it really is when a power surge goes through your more alluring gadgets and fries them to a crisp. Dick Smith's selling off a six-port powerboard delivered for a tasty $29.95, chopping $40 off the price, and perhaps saving your precious gadgets along the way. [DSE via OzBargain]

This Piggy Power Strip Is Too Cute/Creepy To Resist

Even though it’s bound to burn a hole through your desk, I still kind of want this thing. Yet another “classic” from Art Lebedev, the Svintus plug pig has 17 Type F sockets for all your Russian power needs.

Adaptor-Friendly Power Strips Never Get Old

The Pivot Power strip isn’t the first to try and solve the bulky power adaptor problem. And like others, its rotating design probably won’t top the Power Squid in sheer utility. But others aren’t nearly as attractive as this one.

Disguise Those Valuable Power Sockets As A Book

You may be trying to stop pesky house-guests from charging their phones in your lounge, or just want a couple of secret sockets squirrelled away for yourself – either way, this Stekkerboek power board hides away in bookcases, disguised as a tome. Just don’t let your guests start browsing your library, and those sockets should be all yours. [Stekkerboek via OhGizmo]

Belkin's Conserve Surge Protector Kills Standby Power Drain Dead

It’s been a long time coming, but to coincide with Earth Hour this week, Belkin is finally launching their Conserve Surge protector in Australia. The power board not only protects your precious gadgets from power surges, but features six out of eight sockets that can be switched off completely – killing even the standby power drain – using a supplied remote.

Swivel Sockets: 90 Degree Rotating Outlets Help Conserve Space

Traditional power strips are not the most ideal way to conserve space and keep things orderly. This Swivel Socket design tries to overcome that problem with six outlets that can rotate 90 degrees.

Innergie mCube90 is a Small, Sleek, Energy-Saving Power Adaptor

I’m normally not interested in the onslaught of green power strips and surge protectors, but Innergie’s mCube90 is interesting because they’re working with electronics manufacturers to have special power-management tech installed in the gadgets.

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