Water Bottle Or Cooking Pot: Choose Your Own Camping Adventure

The next time you’re on a camping trip, try sticking your trusty plastic water bottle on the fire to boil up some grub. It might be lightweight and easy to carry, but as it melts away you’ll soon realise you’d probably be better served by this titanium option that doubles as a fire-safe cooking pot.

How To Make An Electricity-Free Refrigerator

Conventional refrigeration does an incredible job keeping food fresh, but that technology hasn’t helped desert dwellers without steady electricity. A more recent development in refrigeration — the Zeer pot-in-pot refrigerator — only requires water, sand and a hot, dry climate to preserve produce through evaporative cooling. Here’s how to make the simple gadget.

This Clever Pot Waters Itself

Nobody kills house plants on purpose, but if you’re likely to forget to water your ferns or herbs, this clever planter by designer Joey Roth could save you some grief. It’s not fancy, newfangled technology — just an ancient concept re-imagined.

Daily Desired: This Pot Will Make You A Better Cook

I’m going to go Bobby Knight on the next person who serves me terrible black beans — especially now that there’s a new Le Creuset bean pot.

Harness A Cooking Pot's Energy, Charge Your Phone While Camping

Rather than a cooking pot that heats up by your computer over USB, it’s actually a pot that uses energy that would’ve otherwise been wasted, to charge up any USB device. An alternative to the solar-powered charger, you could say.

How To Make A Cool Concrete Planter Of Your Own

Looking to bring some plant life into your room? Or trying to figure out a holiday gift that’s a little more original than a lame-o gift certificate? All you need is some tools, some cement, a succulent and this guide.

A Pot That Brews Coffee Like Tea

A porcelain pot with a perforated stainless steel cylinder that slides into the centre, George Sowden’s SoftBrew immersion coffeemaker is a close cousin to the teapot. He says it’s less “violent” than a French press. It’s pretty, at least. [NYT]

LightPot is a Simple and Elegant way to Grow Plants in Your Lamp

First, let me say that despite the name…NO, NOT THOSE KINDS OF PLANTS. LightPot is a minimalist table lamp, with a bed of soil for tending to small, green lifeforms. Lovely, no?

Digital Pot Lets Plants Tell You Their Demands

This is Digital Pot (no: not what you’re thinking,) a concept from designer Junyi Heo that’s a 21st Century plant pot. It’s filled with sensors measuring temperature, soil moisture and the like. It lets you know the results on a display with a mix of emoticons and symbols, so your plants can tell you what they want (and no: they probably don’t want you to smoke them.) It’s even clever enough to drain itself if you’re a chronic over-waterer like me, and charges via USB— also sending its data to your PC for your perusal. Just a concept, but a rather cute one, don’t you think? [Yanko Design]