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We Should Be Very Worried About That Leaky Nuclear Waste Facility In Washington

Earlier this week, we heard alarming reports of a “significant” nuclear waste leak at Hanford, the largest radioactive waste dumpsite in the US. Should we be worried? Absolutely. But mainly because this is a symptom of a much bigger problem that’s been festering for decades.

Oh Great, Another Reason To Worry About Seafood

It’s a well-known fact that some of our favourite seafoods come with an unsavoury dose of heavy metals like mercury. But there’s another group of chemicals that sometimes lace our tuna steaks, and the latest findings on them are anything but appetising.

The Future Of The Great Barrier Reef Just Got Worse

As if the Great Barrier Reef needed more terrible news, the Queensland government issued permits this week for a controversial new coal mine that marine biologists fear could choke out portions of the reef with pollution.

'Hairy Nose' Ad Combats Pollution In China By Depicting A Future Dystopia

A bizarre new video produced by WildAid China depicts a dystopia where people have adapted to air pollution by growing excessive amounts of nasal hair. The ultimate message of the public service announcement is, “Change air pollution before it changes you.”

A New AI Estimates Pollution From Crowdsourced Images

Around the world, cities are choking on smog. But a new AI system plans to analyse just how bad the situation is by aggregating data from smartphone pictures captured far and wide across cities.

Beijing Blames Uber For Its Obscene Traffic Problem

Beijing faces overcrowded roads and pollution that is constantly getting worse. Why? According to city officials, it’s because of ride-sharing services, including Uber.

In Pictures: Delhi Still Chokes On Smog Despite Banning Half Its Cars 

On January 1, Delhi enacted a two-week pilot project allowing private cars on the roads only on alternate days in order to reduce pollution. As the experiment comes to a close, the city is still choking on smog.

New Evidence Suggests Human Beings Are A Geological Force Of Nature

For years, the term “Anthropocene” has been used to informally describe the human era on Earth. But new evidence suggests there’s nothing informal about it. We’re a true force of nature — and there’s good reason to believe we’ve sparked a new and unprecedented geological epoch.

Australian Supermarkets To Remove Products With Microbeads From Sale

Following on from the US government’s total ban on microbeads, local supermarket chains Woolworths and Coles are removing products containing the particles from shelves.

Now India's Airpocalypse Is So Bad, It's Banning Half The Cars In Delhi

Last week Milan became the latest city to banish cars from streets to curb its horrible smog. On January 1, Delhi joined the club with its own vehicle restrictions, but the challenge before the chronically polluted Indian city is much much greater. Will a every-other-day ban on cars be any help?

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