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The Port Of LA's Big Tech Upgrade Worked So Well It's Hitting Its 2023 Emissions Goals

The Port of Los Angeles is one of the largest ports in the world, and now, one of the biggest environmental success stories on the planet. A new study shows that due to major upgrades started a decade ago, the port is almost 10 years ahead of its emissions goals.

Smog Causes More Than 3 Million Premature Deaths A Year Worldwide

Air pollution is rarely a major concern for most people in Western Europe. You seldom notice it except when sitting in heavy traffic or when it obscures the far horizon at a scenic spot.

China Cleaned Up Beijing's Smog For Its Military Parade, But Of Course It Didn't Last

It’s no coincidence that the China’s capital city had clear, sunny skies for the country’s huge military parade last week, or that Beijing’s dense smog returned the very next day. The Chinese government took extreme measures to guarantee clear skies for the its display, but it took less than 24 hours for air pollution to ramp up again afterward.

Seabirds Are Eating Lots Of Plastic, And The Problem Is Getting Worse

A new study on seabirds has come to a disturbing conclusion: Their bellies are filled with plastic. Up to 90 per cent of marine birds alive today may have ingested plastic, and by 2050, that number could be as high as 95 per cent.

IBM's Watson Could Hold The Key To Fighting Beijing's Brutal Pollution

The same company that made Jeopardy!-conquering Watson will use similar tech to help fight air pollution in Beijing. In the future, that artificial intelligence could lead to cleaner air for the long haul, everywhere.

Scientists Measure Spooky Drops In Air Pollution Over The Middle East

Air pollution is decreasing over parts of the Middle East. But researchers say that for most Middle Eastern cities, the clearer air is actually a symptom of conflict, not a sign of progress.

The CO2 In Our Atmosphere Can Now Be Transformed Into A Building Material 

Carbon nanofibers are an incredibly exciting material. They have been around for a long time, but still aren’t common, partially because they’re difficult and expensive to make. Now, a team of engineers say it figured out a simple way to make them — by sucking carbon dioxide straight out of the atmosphere.

The Polluted (And Bright Orange ) Animas River Has Reopened To Public

Briefly: The Animas river, which turned sickly orange last week after 11.35 megalitres of toxic waste rushed in from the Gold King Mine during an EPA cleanup incident, reopened to the public on Friday, The Associated Press reports. “The data show levels of contamination are below what would be a concern for human health during typical recreational exposure,” the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said. And we didn’t even need to deploy the shade balls!

5 Places People Have Turned The Water A Crazy Unnatural Colour

On Thursday, a spill during an acid mine cleanup effort sent 3.78 megalitres of wastewater seeping down the Animas River. Overnight, the popular waterway was abandoned as its colour quickly changed from blue to an acrid, neon orange.

This Map Shows The Frightening Overlap Between Pollution And Poverty

The Enviornmental Protection Agency has a new tool called EJSCREEN, which lets you overlay the agency’s environmental data on a geographic map, along with layers of information showing poverty. The result is as depressing as you’d probably expect.

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