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Ten Thousand Endangered 'Scrotum Frogs' Have Mysteriously Dropped Dead In Peru

Peruvian authorities are scrambling to determine why thousands of critically endangered, Titicaca water frogs are washing up belly up, after an environmental group reported the mass die-off last week. According to local activists, untreated sewage sludge is to blame.

Methane Emissions Are Double What We Thought They Were

A new detailed analysis of methane sources has shown emissions from the fossil fuel industry and natural geological leakage are up to 110 per cent greater than current estimates.

Your Laundry Is Worse For The Environment Than You Think

New research shows that as many as 700,000 microscopic fibres are released into the environment each time we do the laundry. It’s a problem with no easy solution in sight.

Over 90 Per Cent Of The World Is Breathing Really Crappy Air

If you live on this planet, chances are the air you’re breathing is not great.

Russia's Blood Red River Is Worse Than We Thought

Last week, strange images of a river that had turned blood red emerged out of Russia. Now satellite images show that the red waters run much further through the area — and it’s been happening for decades.

Toxic Magnetic Waste From Air Pollution Found In Human Brains

Add this to the growing list of reasons to never go outside again: The human brain is apparently a sponge for toxic magnetic waste found in smog.

Apparently It's Australia's Fault East Asia Has An Emissions Problem

Much of the influence that sulphate and black carbon aerosol emissions from East Asia have on the climate is actually driven by consumption in developed countries (New Zealand and Australia, specifically) rather than in East Asia itself, international scientists say.

Six Million Americans Have This Toxic Chemical In Their Drinking Water

You might want to reconsider drinking the water next time you visit the States: A new Harvard study has found that six million Americans drink water containing unsafe levels of obscure industrial pollutants associated with cancer and other severe health consequences.

The EPA Has Finally Realised Jet Exhaust Is Bad For The Planet

In a landmark revelation that’s about 20 years late, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has formally declared that greenhouse gas emissions from jet engines endanger the health of humans and the environment by contributing to climate change.

Siberia's Sprawling Sawdust Dump Fire Will Burn For Years

Environmentalists in Siberia are expressing concern over an ongoing fire at the world’s largest sawdust dump — a fire that’s been burning since 2013 and will continue to do so for years to come.

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