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Scientists Measure Spooky Drops In Air Pollution Over The Middle East

Air pollution is decreasing over parts of the Middle East. But researchers say that for most Middle Eastern cities, the clearer air is actually a symptom of conflict, not a sign of progress.

The CO2 In Our Atmosphere Can Now Be Transformed Into A Building Material 

Carbon nanofibers are an incredibly exciting material. They have been around for a long time, but still aren’t common, partially because they’re difficult and expensive to make. Now, a team of engineers say it figured out a simple way to make them — by sucking carbon dioxide straight out of the atmosphere.

The Polluted (And Bright Orange ) Animas River Has Reopened To Public

Briefly: The Animas river, which turned sickly orange last week after 11.35 megalitres of toxic waste rushed in from the Gold King Mine during an EPA cleanup incident, reopened to the public on Friday, The Associated Press reports. “The data show levels of contamination are below what would be a concern for human health during typical recreational exposure,” the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said. And we didn’t even need to deploy the shade balls!

5 Places People Have Turned The Water A Crazy Unnatural Colour

On Thursday, a spill during an acid mine cleanup effort sent 3.78 megalitres of wastewater seeping down the Animas River. Overnight, the popular waterway was abandoned as its colour quickly changed from blue to an acrid, neon orange.

This Map Shows The Frightening Overlap Between Pollution And Poverty

The Enviornmental Protection Agency has a new tool called EJSCREEN, which lets you overlay the agency’s environmental data on a geographic map, along with layers of information showing poverty. The result is as depressing as you’d probably expect.

The Best Way To Map Radiation? Bento Boxes Stuffed With Geiger Counters

Back in 2011, a team of volunteers crammed Geiger counters into bento-shaped boxes to map the radiation following the Fukushima meltdown. It turned into the biggest collection of radiation data in history. Next up: tackling air pollution.

India's Air Pollution Is So Bad It's Causing Lung Damage In Kids

The deadly heatwave that swept through India this week has melted streets with its searing 47°C temperatures. But it’s also making life even worse for its cities’ most vulnerable residents — the millions of Indian children suffering from lung damage due to the toxic urban air.

This Painter Can Even Make Toxic Sludge Look Beautiful

If you didn’t think anything beautiful could come from toxic waste, well, think again. Ohio University art professor John Sabraw and civil engineer Guy Riefler have joined forces and devised a method for extracting iron oxide metals from industrial waste. The extracts can then be turned into vibrant pigments and used to create stunning works of art.

Our Chemicals Are Falling On Remote Parts Of Antarctica In Snow

You probably haven’t heard of “cyclic volatile methylsiloxanes”, but you’ve almost certainly rubbed them into your skin. They’re widely used in lotions and cosmetics to create that smooth, satisfying feel. And now scientists are finding — to their surprise — these chemicals in remote parts of Antarctica.

We're Dumping Eight Million Tonnes Of Plastic Into The Ocean Every Year 

Garbage in the ocean is a big problem, but we never really knew how big. A study published today in Science drops a rough but still astounding estimate: eight million tonnes per year, 20 to 2000 times what we originally thought.

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