This Is What NSW Police Cars And Police Bikes Used To Look Like

Image Of The Day: The New South Wales Police Service had fairly humble beginnings on the state’s roads. Not everything was a hotted-up pursuit vehicle back in the 1970′s. Police just had to make do with the Ford 351 Falcon and the Honda 750cc bike. [NSW Police]

Hard Drive Sniffing Police Dogs Are Helping Hunt Down Child Porn Fiends

Police departments have long used dogs in their work, training canine squads to detect bombs and drugs. The Connecticut State Police has recently trained dogs to sniff out electronics as part of a new strategy to go after child pornographers.

Queensland Man Charged With Stealing $110,000 In Bitcoin

A 21-year-old man from the small town of Kingaroy in inland Queensland has been arrested and charged with the theft of $110,000 in Bitcoin, only three months after he was first arrested for hacking a US gaming company’s computer network.

The NYPD's Biggest Gang Raid Was Enabled By A Million Facebook Posts

In the early hours of June 4, the New York Police Department raided the General Ulysses S. Grant and Manhattanville housing projects in West Harlem. Its biggest gang raid ever, it saw 40 suspects arrested — and it was masterminded by mining over one million Facebook posts.

Watch: NSW Police Body-Mounted Cameras Give Cop's-Eye View Of Action

NSW Police is spending $4 million on a rollout of body-worn video cameras for active police officers, with the chest-mounted cameras recording any interaction or confrontation between cops and the general public. Take a look…

Dubai Has The World's Fastest Police Car

When you’re patrolling around the streets of Dubai, you need a car that stands out amongst Ferraris and Lamborghinis and Rolls Royces. Even though it’s a few years old now, the Dubai police’s new Bugatti Veyron can still lay claim to the title of world’s fastest police car.

NSW Cops' Body-Mounted Video Cameras Could Record Over 700TB Of Data Per Year

Equipping New South Wales’ police force with ubiquitous body-mounted video cameras is a good idea, since there’s evidence that suggests the cameras makes public interactions safer for both police and the general public. There’s one big, looming problem though; what do you do with all that data?

Australian Police, Government: Change Your Apple ID Password ASAP

In the wake of some Apple IDs being compromised and users’ iPhones and iPads being held to ransom, Stay Smart Online and NSW Police have some advice: change your Apple ID password as soon as possible, and avoid any possible headaches in the future.

World's Largest Torrent Search Site Seized By UK Police, But It's Back Already

Torrentz.eu, the world’s largest torrent search engine, was taken down temporarily Monday by a UK police order, but it’s already back: apparently the City Of London Police action wasn’t in line with accepted procedure, and Torrentz.eu’s domain name registrar was a little too hasty to comply.

Australian Police Will Soon Be Able To Track Illegal Guns All Over The Country

CrimTrac, the information-sharing service for Australia’s law enforcement and national security agencies, has developed a nationwide tracking and identification program for the bullets and cartridges used in violent crime around the country. The Australian Ballistics Information Network will let police stockpile and share data on guns used in crime, possibly linking to an international database in the future.