Illinois Police Won't Dare Call Its Drones 'Drones'

The Illinois State Police was recently lucky enough to receive Federal Aviation Administration to use drones. But the police department clearly senses societal tensions over their use, because it’s trying very hard not to use the D word.

Someone Finally Sued The Police Over Invasive Licence Plate Readers

Licence plate readers that scan plates and store information about a car’s whereabouts are a violation of privacy and state law, according to a lawsuit filed in Virginia.

Australia Just Staged A Massive Counter Terrorism Exercise

Dubbed ‘Hermes Castle’, the multi-agency operation involved 450 police, emergency service and Defence personnel. The exercise is part of an ongoing commitment to testing and refining counter terrorism arrangements.

Sydney Trains Can Now Sniff Out Graffiti

In an effort to curb vandalism, a trial in Sydney has turned trains into electronic bloodhounds. Dubbed mousetrap, the technology can detect the vapours from spray cans and alert the police.

Taser's Police Body Camera Sales Are Up 288% Since Last Year

In case you needed tangible proof that the popular movement to strap cameras to cops is gaining momentum, the quarterly earnings report from camera manufacturer Taser’s got concrete numbers. It’s sales of cameras nearly tripled.

Hillary Clinton Says All Cops Should Wear Body Cameras

US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called for body cameras for all police in a speech about law enforcement reform at Columbia University earlier this morning.

Combat Tech Is Turning Baltimore Into A Paramilitary Zone

In response to rioting and violent protests in Baltimore over the death of Freddie Grey, the US National Guard was deployed for riot control in Maryland for the first time since the 1960s race riots. Some 500 troops patrol the city, clad in body armour, with automatic rifles strapped across their chests.

Seattle Cops Hire The Programmer Who Demanded All Their Body Cam Video

The Seattle Police have hired the programmer who inundated the department with requests for footage from the city’s police body camera program last year, and then later requested nearly every email Washington State government ever sent. If you can’t beat ‘em, hire ‘em.

US Police Can Search Licence Plate Scans To Find Your Favourite Bar

The licence plate reader (LPR) cameras installed in most US cities allow police to track cars and their drivers who are potentially engaged in criminal activities. But depending on the way police store the data, it Ars Technica found out, anyone might be able to access this information.

Seattle Police Put Redacted Body Cam Footage On YouTube 

In a bid to be more transparent, the Seattle Police Department is posting footage from the body cameras and dashboard cameras of on-duty cops on YouTube. But the footage has been carefully censored to blur out faces and remove any sound.