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The PS3 Can Be Used As A Bed For Your Pet

Finally! I’ve found a use for my PS3 Fat. Gut out its insides and turn it into a pseudo cage/pet bed for a ferret. Sounds like a plan. Now I’ll need to get a ferret. [Buzz Feed]

Video Box Battle Royale: Who Should Be Your TV's Best Friend?

With new offerings from Roku and Apple, and the grand impending entrance of Google TV, the crowd of little plastic boxes that all want to stream your video is getting packed. And confusing. But we’re here to help you compare.

CatchOfTheDay Having Another Massive Sale Next Tuesday

From previous experience, Catch Of The Day’s massive sales end up in frustration, anger, disappointment and tears. But they do have some awesome sales, if you happen to be one of the few lucky people to get through during the allotted time. Here are some of the deals on offer next Tuesday:

Sony Delays 3D Blu-ray Playback For PS3

Sony’s plan to update the PS3’s firmware with support for 3D playback via Blu-ray has been put back, with the company now saying it’ll be here some time during October. So you’ll have to find some other way to play that vast catalogue of 3D discs you own until then. [Kotaku]

Netflix Prepping Disc-Free PS3 Streaming

While discussing their Q2 results, Netflix revealed that they’ll be releasing a software-only version of their PlayStation 3 streaming service. Netflix’s CEO called the update “major”, saying it will sport a new UI and debut by October. [All Things D]

PS3s Running Linux Could Be Saved If Hacker Geohot Finds Cure

This Thursday PlayStation 3 owners who install a firmware update will find that the ability to run other operating systems – such as Linux – will be removed. Most people won’t even notice, but hacker Geohot is already working on a fix.

Woman, 43, Seduced Boy, 14, On PlayStation Home

A 43-year-old mother of three is currently wanted by the police in Oklahoma City for seducing a 14-year-old kid on PlayStation Home. Her avatar must’ve been really something.

Windows Phone 7 Could Allow For PlayStation Integration

What do you do if you really want a Windows Phone 7 handset but prefer PlayStation to Xbox 360? Microsoft may end up catering for you too, with a senior product manager on the mobile division musing on the possibility.

Sony Is 'Thinking About Charging' For PSN

The most common charge levelled at the Xbox 360 by PlayStation 3 devotees is that Microsoft dares to charge for its Xbox Live service, unlike the free PSN. Not for long!

PS3 Hacked, Exploit Is Now Available For Your Illicit Pleasure

GeoHot, one of the fathers of the iPhone’s jailbreak community, has just released the exploit that’ll let loose all sorts of promising PS3 hackery, just like he promised. We can’t wait for hackers to unlock the PS3’s power.

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