Sony Offering Discounts, PS+ Extensions After PSN Downtime

Sony’s PlayStation Network was heavily disrupted over the Christmas period, which kept paying customers from their content and services. To make up for this, the company is extending people’s PS+ subscriptions and offering a future discount on a PlayStation Store purchase.

Optimus And Megatron Classic Console Transformers

Toys: Takara Tomy has found the best way to suck the cash from our wallets save for some kind of reverse-ATM tractor beam. First teased earlier in the year, you can finally pre-order the toymaker’s homage to robots and classic gaming consoles with these updated Optimus Prime and Megatron figures that transform into the original Sony Playstation and the Sega Genesis respectively.

7 Wonderful Gadget Stories To Warm Your Holiday Heart

Technology is a great gift to give for the holidays. It can provide hours, and days, and weeks, of entertainment and even help inspire kids for a lifetime.

Why Sony Keeps Getting Hacked

By now it’s no secret that Sony sucks at cybersecurity. The company’s movie business, Sony Pictures Entertainment, was recently hit with what may end up being the biggest corporate hack in history. It’s not the first time Sony has laid claim to that title. And, if history is any guide, it probably won’t be the last.

Report: Sony's PlayStation Store Goes Down Following Cyber Attack

Things aren’t getting any better for Sony. The Financial Times reports that Sony’s PlayStation online store went down for approximately two hours overnight following a cyber attack. Early reports seem to indicate that no passwords or sensitive information were compromised.

One Year Later, Should You Get An Xbox One Or A PS4?

People ask us all the time whether they should buy a new-gen console? Should they get an Xbox One? A PS4? For a year, we’ve told people to not bother with either. Now, we think you should make the leap, especially if you’re a console-only gamer. But which one to get?

Sony's PlayStation Vue Wants To Replace Your Cable Box

Sony has announced a new cloud-based TV service, which will offer a large selection of TV channels without a monthly contract and be available across a range of devices. It’s Sony’s play to replace your cable box.

You Can Run PlayStation Games On A Smartwatch For Some Reason

Gadgets have come such a ridiculously long way in the past 15 or so years. Need proof? It’s totally possible to play the flagship console games of yore on a watch now.

Sony PlayStation TV: Australian Pricing And Release Date

Backwards-compatibility on today’s new next-gen consoles is something we sorely need. Sony hopes to give it to us with the PlayStation TV: a cute little micro-console that’s finally coming out in Australia.