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Forget Training For Sports Glory... Cheat Instead

Gadgets make us better people. Especially in sports. So this week while we’re Playing with Balls, it’s the perfect time to look back at our 10 gadgets that help you cheat at sports post. Because it doesn’t matter how you get there, so long as you win. Unless, you know, it actually is important how you get there…

QOTD: Where Would You Stick A Sports Camera?

One of the greatest things about sports coverage these days is the incredible camera shots they get. In cricket there’s a camera in the stumps, cycling has helmet-mounted cameras, motor sports have snappers in the bumpers.

Behind The Screens: When Big Isn't Big Enough

The huge video screens at sporting venues, where slow-mo replays and video ref decisions are shown, are a big part of the spectator experience — and it’s about to get even bigger.

Six Of The Most Ridiculous Fitness Gadgets Ever

Ah, bless late night infomercials and horny inventors. Because without them, we would not have this list of craptacular fitness paraphernalia.

Why High-Tech Swimsuits Are Still A Problem

The controversy over high-tech swimsuits reached its tipping point a few months ago when officials finally decided to ban them as of 2010. But the damage has been done and swimming as a sport has been tainted forever.

Breaking A Virtual Sweat: The Making Of A Sports Game

The traditional—or perhaps stereotypical—relationship between computer nerds and jocks is one often characterised by bruises to the face, wedgies up the arse and dignity down the drain. But, as the developers behind Australia’s latest AFL and NRL games on PSP show us, it doesn’t always have to be this way.

Why The MCG Is The Best Sports Stadium In Australia

It’s not the atmosphere. It’s not the history. It’s not the size, space or location. It’s the fact that you can get free Wi-Fi access within the grounds.

Thanko’s USB Action Camera Captures Every Wrong Move

If you get a kick out of watching yourself on camera, here’s a new toy for you. With Thanko’s USB Action Camera you can record jerky footage of yourself in first person and hands free.

The Science Of The Soccer Ball

Before the 2006 World Cup in Germany, the boffins at Adidas designed the ‘world’s roundest ball’ for the world’s second biggest sporting event. It was the result of years of research, some complicated science and the hard work of a robotic kicking machine.

QOTD: What's Your Favourite Sports Game Of All Time?

If my actions playing sports games counted towards sporting achievements, my trophy cabinet would be a lot fuller.

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