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This Freaky Plant Has An Incredible Trick For Luring In Flies

Plants employ a wide variety of tactics to lure pollinators, but an ornamental plant popularly known as Giant Ceropegia takes it to another level. Its flower smells like a honeybee under attack — an odour that freeloading, meal-seeking flies find absolutely irresistible.

MIT Researchers Found A Way To Make Pesticides Stick To Plants

When farmers spray their crops with pesticides and other treatments to help ensure their survival, 98 per cent of those chemicals bounce right off the plants and end up in the groundwater as pollution. It’s a waste, and harmful to the environment, so researchers at MIT came up with a cheap but effective way to instead make those chemicals stick to crops.

You Can Basically Do Everything In Virtual Reality Now, Like Explore A Plant Cell

The ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology is set to take people on an educational journey through a plant cell — using virtual reality technology. The Centre will launch the Virtual Plant Cell (VPC), a unique virtual reality experience that lets its audience explore the microscopic inner world of a plant.

Why Sunflowers Turn To Face The Sun

Sunflowers may look like the sun if you squint your eyes a bit, but they also do this weird thing where they turn to face the sun, hence the name. But how and why these plants move over the course of a day has stumped scientists for over a century.

Australian Researchers Just Made A Breakthrough In Growing Crops During A Drought

Drought is spreading across farmland worldwide — and it’s only going to get more intense. New research offers a clue on how we might be able to continue to grow the staples we’re used to but with much less water.

Plants Can Make Some Decisions Better Than Humans

Plants, they’re just like us. Or at least enough like us that they can still judge risk and make good decisions even though they happen to have a few handicaps that we don’t.

Researchers Just Solved One Of The Biggest Problems For World Hunger

Planet Earth is doomed with a fast growing global population and a limited amount of farmland to produce food for everyone. That means that we’re going to need to figure out how to maximise what we’ve got — and researchers just made a major breakthrough in getting the most from our crops.

Watch A Carnivorous Plant Wrap Itself Around A Bug And Entomb It

Video: Meet the Drosera Capensis, also known as the Cape sundew. It’s a deadly little thing that looks like some sort of alien finger trap, but it’s actually a carnivorous plant with sticky tentacles that basically entomb bugs that come across its way. It’s incredible to see how it traps the bug as if it were hugging it to paralyse it, and then folding vertically to trap it forever.

How The Venus Flytrap Became Predator Instead Of Prey

Remember when we told you that the Venus flytrap can actually count? That’s how this carnivorous plant knows the difference between the presence of prey in its trap and a false alarm. Now the same team of German scientists is back with insight into how the Venus flytrap turned the evolutionary tables to become predator instead of prey. They describe this work in a new paper in Genome Research.

 Mind Screw Alert: Plants May Have Memories

Plants have an incredible knack for greening and flowering in sync with the seasons. We’ve been trying to figure out how they do it for years, and scientists have now uncovered evidence that memory is involved.

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