Gardener Claims He Hasn't Watered This Flourishing Biosphere Since 1972

If you can’t raise a plant to save your life you know the appeal of terrariums, which can sustain themselves for months on end without being watered. But a retiree in the UK says he sealed up his bottle garden in 1972 — and hasn’t watered it since.

The US Grows The Most Productive Plants In The World, Says NASA

Remember learning about America’s “amber waves of grain?” Well, it turns out that the United States’ bread basket — a.k.a., the Corn Belt — is even more productive than previously thought. In fact, during its growing season, it’s the most productive land on Earth, according to new NASA data.

Molten Lava Fossilised This Plant Down To Its Single Cells

When this Jurassic plant was smothered in molten lava one hundred and eighty million years ago, it was almost instantly fossilised — in incredible cellular detail. In fact, the fern — seen here in cross section through the stem — was preserved right down to the level of chromosomes, which can be seen frozen in the process of cell division.

The Latest Mining Boom? Plants That Eat Metal And Scrub The Soil Clean

Plants that eat metal sound like a biological impossibility. But these hungry little guys exist, sucking tiny bits of toxic metal from the soil. They don’t just clean the Earth, either — they can actually mine bits of gold and nickel for use by humans.

Scientists Revive Moss That Was Encased In Ice For 1500 Years

Cryonics enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that scientists have demonstrated the ability to revive frozen life not just after a couple years or even a couple of decades. They can bring something back to life that’s been frozen for 15 centuries. The previous record was just 20 years.

Scientists Use Graphene To Make Bionic, Super-Powered Plants

A team of chemical engineers and biochemists has managed to change how plants work. Well, to be exact, they have made plants work better by embedding carbon nanotubes into the plants’ leaves so that they absorb more light. Put simply, they have created bionic plants.

A Screw-On Cloud That Turns Plastic Bottles Into Watering Cans

When it comes to watering, there’s nothing stopping you from simply dumping a bottle of H2O onto the plants on your balcony, as long as you’re cool with possibly damaging them and splashing wet dirt all over the place. A gentler approach is a better idea, and Animi Causa’s new Rainmaker — which emulates a gentle summer rain — requires minimal additional effort on your part.

Eavesdropping On The Secret Sounds Of Trees

What if we could identify plants not by sight but by sound? It’s not entirely fanciful: every plant makes a unique set of sounds — an auditory signature, if you will — influenced by its physiology. But these sounds, usually in the ultrasonic range, are not for our ears.

7 Plants To Scare Off Burglars, Nosy Neighbours And Everyone Else

Do you want to avoid burglars and nosy neighbours? And pets and small children? And possibly all other human beings? But do you also have a refined aesthetic sense — none of that ugly concrete, please – and a green thumb? No worries! These anti-personnel plants are as effective as any moat.

Australian Scientists Discover Plants That Can Learn And Remember

New research from a team of scientists at the University of Western Australia will change the way you think about the difference between plants and animals. Mimosa pundica plants, they found, can learn and remember, despite not having a brain. Those active little fern-like things always did seem sort of smart, though, didn’t they?