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Researchers Just Solved One Of The Biggest Problems For World Hunger

Planet Earth is doomed with a fast growing global population and a limited amount of farmland to produce food for everyone. That means that we’re going to need to figure out how to maximise what we’ve got — and researchers just made a major breakthrough in getting the most from our crops.

Watch A Carnivorous Plant Wrap Itself Around A Bug And Entomb It

Video: Meet the Drosera Capensis, also known as the Cape sundew. It’s a deadly little thing that looks like some sort of alien finger trap, but it’s actually a carnivorous plant with sticky tentacles that basically entomb bugs that come across its way. It’s incredible to see how it traps the bug as if it were hugging it to paralyse it, and then folding vertically to trap it forever.

How The Venus Flytrap Became Predator Instead Of Prey

Remember when we told you that the Venus flytrap can actually count? That’s how this carnivorous plant knows the difference between the presence of prey in its trap and a false alarm. Now the same team of German scientists is back with insight into how the Venus flytrap turned the evolutionary tables to become predator instead of prey. They describe this work in a new paper in Genome Research.

 Mind Screw Alert: Plants May Have Memories

Plants have an incredible knack for greening and flowering in sync with the seasons. We’ve been trying to figure out how they do it for years, and scientists have now uncovered evidence that memory is involved.

Plants Taking Over New York City Is What Will Happen When The World Ends

Video: We stamped out nature in New York City with people and the grid, leaving behind only tiny patches and bits of green. But eventually, and especially after the zombie apocalypse hits, Mother Nature and her wild plants will take New York back from us. This animated short, Wrapped by Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, shows a glimpse of that happening. It’s pretty awesome, like a vision of an untamed city far off into the uncertain future.

This Genetic Alteration Could Prevent The Next Potato Famine

Unlike humans, plants only react to infections when they sustain specific kinds of damage. Now we know that the solution is to get them to produce special “decoy” proteins that can be damaged, in order to get the plant to spring into action.

The Venus Flytrap Is A Mighty Hunter Because It Can Count

The Venus flytrap is perhaps the best known of carnivorous plants — those that get essential nutrients from trapping and consuming insects, particularly when they can’t get enough from the soil. Now a team of German scientists has discovered that the flytrap can actually count, and this ability is the key to knowing the difference between the presence of prey and a false alarm.

This Is The First Flower Grown In Space

The first flowers to ever grow in space are blooming on the International Space Station today. Despite fears of over-watering, the crew coaxed the zinnias into a burst of colour in their zero-g vegetable garden.

Little Shop Of Horrors: The Australian Plants That Can Kill You

Australia is so famous for its dangerous creatures that visitors often arrive fearful that everything that moves is out to get them. In a land where snakes, spiders, shells and even one of the iconic mammals — the platypus — can bite or sting, should we all be worried about plants as well?

Your Herbs Have For Some Reason Declared War On Your Potatoes

Proving that the world never stops being weird, scientists found an unexpected property in two common household herbs. For some reason, they contain a chemical that stops another plant from sprouting.

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