This Shrub Uses A Moonlight Beacon To Signal That It's Ready For Sex

When it’s time for sex, many plants literally tap into animal appetites, attracting them with the promise of sugar and smearing them with pollen while they eat. But if you’re going to rely on a third party for sex, you need some really good advertising. One recent study has identified a plant that makes a beacon out of moonlight.

An Obscure African Plant Tells Miners Where To Look For Diamonds 

Diamonds you’re familiar with. Pandanus candelabrum, not so much. And until recently, botanists didn’t pay much attention to this rare, palm-like plant from West Africa either. But the discovery that P. candelabrum grows only over rock that may harbour diamonds has vaulted the plant out of obscurity.

Beautiful Drone Footage Shows The Endless Colour Of Flower Fields

Video: Flower fields are such a wonderful place to spend an entire day or stumble upon happenstance or purposely get lost in. The colours are breathtaking, the rows are perfectly manicured and it feels like it totally shouldn’t exist. Here is drone footage of the Keukenhof Gardens in The Netherlands.

This Floating Flower Garden Is Like A Magical Dreamland Forest

This beautiful floating flower garden would be such a wonderful place to get lost in. That’s because it’s like a dreamland that’s come to life. Over 2300 flowers are ‘floating’ in the garden, and they’re all alive and blooming and growing. It’s an incredible sight to see them rise up and down while being planted to seemingly nothing.

I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of This Cool Planter Robot

Video: I wish I had a window with a perfect view of this pack planter robot. I would open it every morning to watch the machine transplant pansies while I have my breakfast — and I would probably be late to work for the rest of my life.

The Quest To Re-Invent Photosynthesis Just Got More Colourful

Green may be the Plant Kingdom’s colour of choice, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, it takes only a little chemical tuning to turn chlorophyll — the light-absorbing pigment that colours plants green — blue, red, orange, or any other hue under the sun.

Seeing Cactuses Bloom Flowers Is Like Watching Aliens Grow Tumours

Usually when you see flowers bloom, it’s a beautiful, almost hypnotic phenomenon. It’s not exactly that poetic with cactuses though. Though the flowers themselves are ridiculously vibrant, the cactuses look like they have had radioactive appendages randomly glued onto their bodies.

Staring Straight Into The Centre Of A Blooming Flower Is So Hypnotising

Seeing flowers bloom in a timelapse is always worth your eyeballs’ time, but this timelapse is especially cool because it gives you a direct view straight inside the centre of a blooming flower. It looks a lot like looking through a dreamy world filled with different rules and different colours and different life.

The Delicate Art Of Making Bonsai Trees

Video: I love this video about Ryan Neil, an American Bonsai master, because not only do I get to watch him work but I also get to hear him talk about the art of Bonsai. Neil reveals the amount of respect and consideration you need to be able to craft these beautiful pieces of art from nature. It’s just lovely.

Watch An Acorn Turn Into An Oak In Mesmerising Timelapse

Video: Nature is never not amazing. Even the simplest things — things you’ve seen in a high school science class — are impressive to watch again and again. Like this timelapse of an acorn transforming itself into an oak seedling over a period of eight months. One day, that little guy is going to be one helluva tree.

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