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Vaya Has A $65 30GB 'Gamer Plan' For Pokemon GO Players

Budget telco Vaya has new plans aimed specifically at the increasing data demands of Pokemon GO players.

The new Gamer Plans (yes, that is what they are called) aim to give you the luxury of catching as many Pokemon as you please without worrying about running over your data limit.

Amaysim 4G Plans: More Data And Faster Speeds, With A Catch

Amaysim is finally offering 4G access on its plans — but that change does alter some of its most popular offerings. Here’s what you need to know and how Amaysim compares to all its major rivals.

Apple's New iCloud Pricing Plan Gives You A Terabyte For $25

Apple just made its new iCloud pricing plans official. Here’s what extra storage in Apple’s walled garden is going to cost you in Australia.

Amaysim Upping Data Allowances, Upping Prices

If you needed a carrier for cheap data and decent 3G speeds, Amaysim is still one of your best options. Now though, the carrier is upping the amount of data available to Unlimited plan customers while simultaneously upping the price of the service.

iiBabies: iiNet Has A Weird Facebook Game That Lets You Create Baby Portraits

Has anyone checked to see if the social media team at iiNet is OK? There aren’t any fumes pumping into that office that might make someone a little dizzy, perhaps? I only ask because there’s a new app on iiNet’s Facebook page that lets you combine the faces of two people to create the portrait of a future baby.

Telstra's New Plans To Include Yearly Phone Upgrades And Way Cheaper Data

Exclusive: New Telstra contract plans are coming, and they’re finally going to make Telstra’s pricing competitive again. Sources inside the telco who have been working on the new plans have tipped us off as to what we’re going to get, and you’re going to love it.

Vodafone Finally Releases 4G Modem And Wi-Fi Hotspots With Plans To Match

Vodafone has had a fancy and fast 4G network for some time now, but data-hungry customers with multiple devices have been patiently tapping their feet waiting for something that can connect all of them at once. Enter the 4G Pocket Wi-Fi hotspots from Vodafone, able to connect up to 10 devices at once.

This Swarming Horde Of Black Stealth Fighter Jets Is Not A Movie Scene

We’re not preparing to fight the aliens. This isn’t a scene from Independence Day 2. It’s just a throwback photo of 25 — yes, 20 five — Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk black stealth fighter jets celebrating its 25th anniversary back in 2006. What a beautifully intimidating celebration of power it was.

Virgin Mobile Now Doubling Data On Plans

Much like rival Vodafone did a few weeks ago, Virgin Mobile has pledged to start doubling the data available to customers from now through to January.

Aldi Mobile Halves Data Allowance On Unlimited Plan

Troubled times continue for cheap pre-paid carriers, as Aldi Mobile starts the slash and burn process. The data on its once-attractive Unlimited plan has now been halved.

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