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Lovely Animation Illustrates Life Using Different Clever Circles

Video: It’s the circle of life! Well, not quite but sort of. This great short animation from production company Chromosphere highlights the world we live in and the worlds beyond our world through the clever use of circles. Right smack dab in the middle of the frame, watch as the circles transform into animals and planets and space objects and natural phenomena and the human body and more. It’s a really well done animation.

The Kepler Space Telescope Is Broken Again 

NASA’S Kepler Space telescope might have gotten a new lease on life in 2014 when scientists figured out how to repurpose the damaged telescope, but it now appears that it’s in trouble once again.

This Newly Discovered Triple Sun Planet Would See Some Truly Bizarre Skies

Newly-discovered planet KELT-4Ab has three suns — but that triple-solar view isn’t the only weird thing you’d see happen overhead. Not by a long shot.

A Strange Blip In This Star Photo Could Be A New Earth-Like Planet Being Formed

Stare deep into the eye of this planetary disk because something is forming in there — something incredible.

Planetary Pillows Let You Sleep With Our Solar System

Instead of worrying about whether your throw pillows complement the colours in a room, head on over to Etsy where PebblePlush has a created a set of 12 pillows that look like the planets and other celestial bodies in our solar system. Science matches any decor, and you might even learn something.

Frozen Oceans May Have Burst Through The Surface Of Pluto's Largest Moon

Scientists at NASA have uncovered evidence suggesting that Pluto’s moon Charon once featured a subterranean ocean — one that eventually burst through to the surface as it froze and turned to ice. What an amazing sight that must’ve been.

Seeing One Day Pass On Earth From Space Is Beyond Stunning

Video: This is what one day looks like on Earth from space. The footage condenses 24 hours of imagery from Japan’s Himawari-8 satellite into 12 seconds and shows us how the our beautiful blue marble peels itself from the darkness in unbelievable detail. The reveal of Earth is just beyond words. No planet is as beautiful as Earth and videos like this where we see Van Gogh in the moving clouds mixed with the colours of our land mass projected against the blue, no other planet even comes close.

We Met Uranus, Our System's Strangest Planet, 30 Years Ago Today

On January 24th, 1986, Voyager 2 swept past our system’s seventh planet, Uranus, on its way out of the solar system. It was the first and last time we visited the gas giant, and we found it’s one of the stranger locations in our solar system.

Mysterious Planet X Could Be The Ninth Planet In Our Solar System

There could be a new ninth planet floating beyond the dark edges of our solar system, according to new research published in The Astronomical Journal from CalTech professors Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin.

The Five Bright Planets Are Set To Align From Tomorrow Morning

Somewhere in the world, right now, an intrepid hero is racing against the clock to stop a dark magic ritual from taking place. Or so I assume, because the planets are aligning. From tomorrow morning, the five planets that are visible to the naked eye will be aligning in an impressive spectacle for early risers.

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