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Incredible Photo Shows An Exoplanet In Orbit Around Its Host Star

See that tiny speck just to left of the bluish orb? That’s a planet. It’s one of the best direct images of an exoplanet we’ve ever seen, and it’s made all the more remarkable given that it’s a whopping 1200 light-years away.

How Extreme Is The Weather On Other Planets In The Universe?

Video: Storms that go on for 400 years. Falling molten glass rain. Temperatures jumping from 500C to 1200C in just six hours. The weather in our universe is wild.

This Four-Planet System Has One Of The Coolest Orbital Arrangements We've Ever Seen

Like snowflakes, no two planetary systems are the same. Astronomers have now observed one of the most unique planetary arrangements ever seen: four miniature Neptunes locked in perfect synch with each other — and it’s been like this for billions of years.

What Would Happen To Our Solar System If Jupiter Didn't Exist?

Video: Our solar system is weird. Not only because we’re unique little snowflakes on a blue marble called Earth, but because other stars usually have their giant arse planets (that is, their Jupiter) orbiting them at a much closer distance. This is really common in other systems! Our Jupiter, however, doesn’t work like that. Why?

Lovely Animation Illustrates Life Using Different Clever Circles

Video: It’s the circle of life! Well, not quite but sort of. This great short animation from production company Chromosphere highlights the world we live in and the worlds beyond our world through the clever use of circles. Right smack dab in the middle of the frame, watch as the circles transform into animals and planets and space objects and natural phenomena and the human body and more. It’s a really well done animation.

The Kepler Space Telescope Is Broken Again 

NASA’S Kepler Space telescope might have gotten a new lease on life in 2014 when scientists figured out how to repurpose the damaged telescope, but it now appears that it’s in trouble once again.

This Newly Discovered Triple Sun Planet Would See Some Truly Bizarre Skies

Newly-discovered planet KELT-4Ab has three suns — but that triple-solar view isn’t the only weird thing you’d see happen overhead. Not by a long shot.

A Strange Blip In This Star Photo Could Be A New Earth-Like Planet Being Formed

Stare deep into the eye of this planetary disk because something is forming in there — something incredible.

Planetary Pillows Let You Sleep With Our Solar System

Instead of worrying about whether your throw pillows complement the colours in a room, head on over to Etsy where PebblePlush has a created a set of 12 pillows that look like the planets and other celestial bodies in our solar system. Science matches any decor, and you might even learn something.

Frozen Oceans May Have Burst Through The Surface Of Pluto's Largest Moon

Scientists at NASA have uncovered evidence suggesting that Pluto’s moon Charon once featured a subterranean ocean — one that eventually burst through to the surface as it froze and turned to ice. What an amazing sight that must’ve been.

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