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Seeing One Day Pass On Earth From Space Is Beyond Stunning

Video: This is what one day looks like on Earth from space. The footage condenses 24 hours of imagery from Japan’s Himawari-8 satellite into 12 seconds and shows us how the our beautiful blue marble peels itself from the darkness in unbelievable detail. The reveal of Earth is just beyond words. No planet is as beautiful as Earth and videos like this where we see Van Gogh in the moving clouds mixed with the colours of our land mass projected against the blue, no other planet even comes close.

We Met Uranus, Our System's Strangest Planet, 30 Years Ago Today

On January 24th, 1986, Voyager 2 swept past our system’s seventh planet, Uranus, on its way out of the solar system. It was the first and last time we visited the gas giant, and we found it’s one of the stranger locations in our solar system.

Mysterious Planet X Could Be The Ninth Planet In Our Solar System

There could be a new ninth planet floating beyond the dark edges of our solar system, according to new research published in The Astronomical Journal from CalTech professors Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin.

The Five Bright Planets Are Set To Align From Tomorrow Morning

Somewhere in the world, right now, an intrepid hero is racing against the clock to stop a dark magic ritual from taking place. Or so I assume, because the planets are aligning. From tomorrow morning, the five planets that are visible to the naked eye will be aligning in an impressive spectacle for early risers.

How Much Power Does It Take To Actually Blow Up A Planet?

Video: Like, a lot of power. Scott Manley delves into the science of the planet destroying business and came up with the numbers that it would take to destroy a planet in Star Wars. To destroy an Earth-like planet which was like Alderaan, you’d need three trillion trillion trillion Joules of energy. There are five billion Joules of energy in a lightning bolt so yeah, you’d need a lot more energy.

Kepler Has Uncovered A Trove Of New Planets In Our Cosmic Backyard

If you thought the Kepler spacecraft’s glory days were over, think again. This week at the 227th meeting of the American Astronomical Society, astronomers announced a whopping 234 new exoplanet candidates discovered by Kepler in 2014. The best part? All of them are just tens of light years away.

It's Time To Leave Pluto Alone, NASA

OK, seriously NASA, release your staff for the holidays. They’re clearly bored, and when nerds with access to world-class planetary data get bored, bad stuff happens. Case in point? Christmas Pluto.

How The Star Wars Planets Stack Up Against Our Own

Galaxies far far away often seem much more exciting than this one: fascist Empires ruled by ancient sorcery cults, giant space slugs, endless disposable droids. But when you get down to it, many of the planets in the Star Wars universe aren’t so different from our own.

Cross-Stitched Planets Are The Perfect Handmade Gift For Space Nerds

Looking for the perfect gift for the space nerd in your life? That’s easy, if you’re willing to pick up cross-stitching like Redditor navidj did. His hand-stitched planets require nothing but coloured thread, black Aida cloth and patience.

An Earth-Sized Neighbour May Be The Most Important Exoplanet Yet

Astronomers have discovered a rocky, Earth-sized planet 39 light years from home — right in our cosmic backyard. With a surface temperature of 226C, GJ 1132b is more of an intergalactic furnace than a vacation prospect. Yet some are hailing it “the most important planet ever found outside our solar system.”

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