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A Pirate Bay Founder Built A Machine That Copies 100 MP3s Every Second

What do you do when you face millions dollars in fines for committing a crime that didn’t necessarily hurt anyone? (Though it does hurt an industry.) If you’re Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde, you make an art project that highlights how ridiculous those fines seem.

This Slick New App Is Like Popcorn Time For Music

Sick of paying for Spotify? Hate how hard it is to use Apple Music? Missing Grooveshark every day? Then you’re going to love what renegade developer and lover of beer Andrew Simpson has built. It’s called Aurous, and it’s basically Popcorn Time for music.

The Creator Of Popcorn Time Finally Revealed Himself

Love it or hate it — but you probably love it — Popcorn Time is a revolutionary app. And Federico Abad, the 29-year-old Buenos Aires-based developer who created it and just granted his first international interview about the “Netflix for torrents,” seems like a pretty rad guy.

Leaked Slides Reveal Hollywood's Blind Google Fibre Fears

Who doesn’t like blindingly fast internet? Movie studios who don’t want people to watch their movies, apparently. A leaked survey obtained by TorrentFreak shows studios fretting over how Google Fibre’s rapid advance — the company announced in February its plans to expand to 34 U.S. cities — could increase piracy, while completely ignoring how fast internet could be a boon for legal streaming.

This Is What Happens When A Bootleg Website Falls

Bootleg websites, usually tucked away in some shady digital corner filled with pornographic pop up ads and potentially malignant viruses, are a permanent fixture on the internet. Offering up tons of illegally free content, these sites’ creators are the reason why publishing execs toss and turn in their sleep.

I Wouldn't Pay For 2013's Most Pirated Movie Either

On the heels of Torrentfreak’s most-pirated TV shows of 2013 is its list of most-pirated movies. Not surprisingly, the list doesn’t exactly represent the refined cultural taste you might hope.

Why Do People Still Pirate?

Sadly, people still pirate things. Of course they do. Because, despite 14 post-Napster years of piracy in the mainstream, it appears that studios still don’t get it. Consider the $US100 Dark Knight Trilogy boxed set that came out just last week:

These Are The Ten TV Shows That Pirates Like The Most

With the spring TV season drawing to a close (MAD MEN SEASON FINALE YOU GUYS!!), TorrentFreak has done the wonderful service of rounding up a top 10 list of the most torrented shows out there this time around. Can you guess number one? (You can definitely guess number one.)

How To Protect Your BitTorrent Privacy

OK, you’re using BitTorrent. We’re not going to judge. But we are going to give you a few simple reminders on how to keep your torrenting activity as private as possible.

Hollywood Doesn't Understand Where Pirated Movies Come From

Cory Doctorow has a piece in The Guardian explaining why it’s awfully dumb for a theatre to confiscate mobile phones at a preview screening: Nobody’s pirating movies with a mobile phone, and real leaks come from inside the industry.

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