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Project Pink Lives, Or Why Windows Phone 7 Is Only Half The Story

OK, OK, OK, rewind a few weeks. Before WinPho 7 trundled into the daylight, the strongest evidence we had for a new product from Microsoft actually centred around something else: The long-rumoured, utterly mysterious Project Pink. So, err, what happened?

Next Gen Microsoft Phones Make Cameos On Twitter

Rumours about Microsoft’s mobile plan are evolving, weirdly! Today, we’ve got duelling speculation: from Twitter, evidence of new “Danger” hardware; from Microsoft, mention of “the next generation of Windows Phone”. It’s mystery meat, this stuff, but at least it’s juicy.

The Cause Of The Sidekick Fiasco? “All Signs Point To Sabotage”

This past week’s Sidekick data disaster was so extraordinary, you would think that either T-mobile or Microsoft would issue an explanation. There’s one insider who might have the reason why one hasn’t come yet: it was an inside job.

Microsoft's Project Pink Might Have Killed Itself For Good

The crazy Sidekick data mess might be the least troubling thing to happen to fans of the platform. The latest rumours, which build off of previous Pink rumours, say that the platform is pretty much dead. Dead, dead, dead, dead.

How Screwed Up Is Microsoft Pink? Hint: Think Of The Singer

Another alleged insider has starting spilling—flinging?—beans about Microsoft’s Pink project, enthusiastically piling the hate atop earlier claims that the project was under dire threat of cancellation, for sucking.

Microsoft On Phone Hardware: "No, We're Not Going To Do That"

Microsoft’s been consistently cagey about whether or not they’ll make their own phone hardware, Xbox-and-Zune-style, but today at a Windows Mobile roundtable today, Robbie “Not Glacial” Bach put it straight: It’s not happening. Officially.

Danger For Microsoft's Project Pink?

A anonymous source gave details to MobileCrunch about Microsoft’s Pink phone project, which we had shots and info of here, that might point to trouble for people involved.

Turtle And Pure Pink Phones May Be Just Next-Gen Sidekicks

CNET’s Ina Fried says the Microsoft Pink phones leaked yesterday are “more the evolution of the Sidekick” using Windows Mobile as the core OS, and in addition to Microsoft’s main phone push. What’s interesting is the reason Microsoft bought Danger.

The Pink Phone Pics Microsoft Doesn't Want You To See Yet

Project Pink is Microsoft’s new phone for regular people. Rumours about the software go back months, but the hardware, and who’s making it for Microsoft, has been a mystery. Here are the first pictures of Pink phones, Turtle and Pure.

Microsoft Surface Tablet, Turtle, Pure Pink Phones Cooking?

Oh hello Microsoft Tablet, Turtle, Pure phones! Rumours about Microsoft’s Pink phones are back, along with talk of a shrunken Surface…tablet. Numerous sources are reporting that Microsoft is working independently on the tablet and the phone.

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