When Otters Play Piano They Compose Horror Movie Scores

Well isn’t this just adorable? Asian small-clawed otters got their hands on a keyboard at the National Zoo and started pounding away at the keys to make music that actually sounds like a Hitchcock movie soundtrack by Bernard Herrmann.

This Piano Projector Makes Playing Keyboards As Easy As Rock Band

Learning to play a new instrument is an exciting endeavour, until you get caught up in the hours of mind-numbing practice required to get proficient. But if learning the piano is up next on your bucket list, you’ll be desperate to get your hands on this clever projection system that makes learning the ivories easier — and dare we say: fun.

Can A Piano Still Be Classy When It's Got Squishy Tube Keys?

The piano is a pretty old instrument. And sure we have electric variations, which added the option mess with the sound, but the key interface has remained pretty standard. Roli is trying to shake that up with the Seaboard Grand, a new, futuristic-style instrument that puts pitch tweaking at your fingertips.

Under Construction

This is The Shard, a skyscraper currently under construction next to the London Bridge, as photographed by Rob Telford. It goes to show that with the right perspective, even an incomplete building can be a thing of beauty.

Spider Drill Piano Produces Symphony of Cacaphony

Brazilian artist Paulo Nenflidio, who’s currently showing off his work in Arizona, creates weird noise-producing sculptures like this robot drill spider, which ends up sounding as frightening as it looks.

Sting Teaches You to Play Guitar in Garageband '09

In one of the odder announcements during the Macworld keynote, Sting, along with others like Norah Jones, will teach you to play guitar and piano in Garageband ’09.

Piano Doorbell Turns the FedEx Guy Into a Virtuoso

Musical doorbells are annoying enough, but what if you gave your visitors the freedom to express themselves creatively? That’s exactly what designer Li Jian had in mind when he came up with the Pianobell. Unless you are friends with a lot of talented musicians, I don’t see much of an upside here. On the other hand, it could be amusing to torture your FedEx guy with a bizarre form of performance anxiety. Fortunately for him, the Pianobell is only a concept at this point. [Labexp via Freshome]

BodyBeat Metronome Keeps Beat Silently, Forgets Musicians Need Their Fingers

The Peterson BB-1 BodyBeat attaches to your finger/random appendage, sending tiny rhythmic pulses that you can feel on your skin. The non-aural stimulation will give you a silent way to count measures while playing the piano… and since you have to use your fingers to do that, you will have to clamp this to somewhere else. The question is where?

Finger Piano the Freddie Kruger Glove for First-Graders

Although not the most tuneful of instruments, this plastic finger piano was a freebie with a kids’ magazine in Japan. I reckon it sounds like that high-pitched “weee” sound you get just before a bomb goes off in the movies. And until we can fit a baby grand into our apartment, this shinky-shonky toy will just have to do. [Geekologie]

iAno iPhone App Gives Your iPhone C-Minor Key

Between iAno – the newly released iPhone app that turns your mobile into a piano – and the earlier released PocketGuitar, which does much of the same but with a guitar, it is only a matter of time before we see the first iPhone band. That will be awesomely groundbreaking, and what we ask is that you send us the video. We’ll post it, we promise*. Back to the present, iAno installs on Jailbroken iPhones and offers a fully functioning multitouch piano, as you can see in the great video above. A four-octave keyboard is represented in iAno, and the arrow keys at the top are used to navigate around. The software was put together by a developer going by the name of Mr Aardvark, and he managed to pack in polyphonic sound that allow five key presses to be heard simultaneously. Sweet.

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