Mashup Art Puts Kaiju Into Classical Paintings

Illustrator and digital artist Oliver Wetter photoshopped Kaiju and other big beasts into classical landscape paintings, mimicking the artists’ styles. He nails the lighting, brush strokes and mood, all hand drawn with a stylus — a skilled tribute to the original painters as well as the cult icons he added.

Apple Is Killing Aperture, Its Once Great Photo-Editing Software

Aperture long ago lost to Adobe Lightroom, and today The Loop is reporting that Apple is ceasing development of its professional photo-editing suite, and putting it out to pasture. Say goodbye to that familiar 50mm lens icon.

Woman Photoshopped To Fit 25 Different Countries' Definition Of Beauty

Different eras have different ideas. Different folks like different strokes. Different people in different countries have different definitions of what beauty is. So here’s an amazing experiment to see that, well, difference. A woman had her picture photoshopped 40 different times by more than 25 different countries to find out what each country thought was beautiful.

Uruguay Claims The Luis Suárez Soccer Bite Is A Photoshop Hoax

Earlier this week, Luis Suarez — Uruguay’s talented but controversial soccer player — appeared to bite Giorgio Chiellini in a World Cup match. Now, though, Uruguay’s Football Association claims that he’s on the receiving end of a cruel Photoshop hoax.

Adobe Creative Cloud 2014: Australian Hands On, Pricing And Info

Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite of design, photography and other software has had a massive overhaul overnight. 14 updated desktop apps, three new and unique iPad apps, and for the first time ever some hardware — an interactive ruler and pressure-sensitive artist’s pen — combine to create a pretty compelling reason to ditch the old software and move into the cloud.

The Best New Feature In Photoshop CC

Adobe is announcing a new release of Photoshop CC today. It comes with one particularly cool feature: the ability to automatically select the out-of-focus areas of an image.

Photoshop Mix: Desktop-Lite Photo Editing Lands On The iPad

Adobe has released three new iPad-only creative apps today. There are two drafting and sketching apps that are partnered with some neat hardware, and a robust photo editing app called Photoshop Mix, which borrows some of the tools and workflow from its desktop big brother.

Perfect Photoshops Warp The World Into Mind-Twisting Reality

Martín De Pasquale is a Photoshop master who twists and teases reality in his wonderful surreal art. We’ve seen some of his magical work before, and now he’s back with a lot more images that warps your world view.

D-Day Battle Images Merged With Photos Of Tourists On The Same Spots

I love to see before and after D-Day photos like the extensive series published in The Guardian or The Globe and Mail to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Allied Invasion. But I love to merge them into single photos even more, so couldn’t resist merging some of them in Photoshop.

What If Classic Paintings Were Photoshopped Like Today's Magazines?

Lauren Wade at TakePart re-imagined famous classic paintings to fit today’s “standards” by Photoshopping the subjects in the paintings to look like magazine cover models. That basically means: impossibly skinny waists, thinner arms, basically no joy of fat whatsoever but still have bigger breasts somehow. It’s quite embarrassing to see how starved our definition of beauty is.