You Could Soon Be Using Photoshop Right From Your Web Browser

Today at the Adobe MAX event in Los Angeles, the software maker demoed a bunch of nifty new things they have brewing for future releases. One of the coolest was a web version of Photoshop that allows some pretty impressive image-editing capabilities without the need to install any software.

Adobe Gives Its Mobile Apps More Familiar Names, Adds A Few New Tools

Search for Adobe in the App Store, and you will find a slew of snappy-sounding apps. It can seem a bit disjointed, so starting today Adobe is updating and re-organising its mobile app lineup under the monikers of the desktop Adobe fare you know and love. There are also a few new ones to try out.

Adobe Photoshop Is Coming To Chromebook

Google’s Chrome OS will soon be graced with Adobe’s Creative Suite, starting with streaming access to Photoshop.

This Algorithm Can Change The Season And Weather In Your Photos

One time I drove five hours out of my way on a road trip to Monument Valley, only to be devastated when I arrived. Instead of the bright red buttes I’d envisioned against a clear blue sky, a grey haze had settled into the valley, rendering the landscape flat and lifeless. My photographs could have been saved by a new app that can add sun and light to images with simple text commands.

Why You Should Never Use Pixelation To Hide Sensitive Text

Pixelation is great for hiding faces and covering up nakedness, but it’s not good for disguising text. It’s so bad, in fact, that it might not even protect you at all.

Pests Masterfully Turned Into Grieving Widow Bugs

Briefly: Amazing artwork created by Barcelona-based studio Garrigosa using 3D and Photoshop for a print ad campaign: Widowed insects crying for the husbands that got killed by insecticide. These guys are CGI geniuses. Expand the pictures below to see how insanely detailed they are.

Why You Should Be Shooting RAW In One Simple GIF

Any experienced photographer will be able to tell you the indispensable utility in shooting RAW as opposed to JPG. If you just got a new camera or haven’t heard a good explanation for why RAW is so great, just look at this one GIF, made with images by Glyn Davis.

Mashup Art Puts Kaiju Into Classical Paintings

Illustrator and digital artist Oliver Wetter photoshopped Kaiju and other big beasts into classical landscape paintings, mimicking the artists’ styles. He nails the lighting, brush strokes and mood, all hand drawn with a stylus — a skilled tribute to the original painters as well as the cult icons he added.

Apple Is Killing Aperture, Its Once Great Photo-Editing Software

Aperture long ago lost to Adobe Lightroom, and today The Loop is reporting that Apple is ceasing development of its professional photo-editing suite, and putting it out to pasture. Say goodbye to that familiar 50mm lens icon.

Woman Photoshopped To Fit 25 Different Countries' Definition Of Beauty

Different eras have different ideas. Different folks like different strokes. Different people in different countries have different definitions of what beauty is. So here’s an amazing experiment to see that, well, difference. A woman had her picture photoshopped 40 different times by more than 25 different countries to find out what each country thought was beautiful.

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