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Apple Is Trying To Do What Google Photos Already Does

Hmmm, a photo tool that uses face recognition, can be easily searched and plots all your geotagged photos onto maps? Where have I heard all this before?

Google's New App Makes iPhone's Live Photos Better

The iPhone 6s came with some neat gimmicky stuff. One of those new additions that walked that perilous line between utility and stupidity was Live Photos. Apple described it as “unlike any other way to interact with photos”. We thought they were basically GIFs but less useful. Google must agree with us because the Android-maker just released an iOS app to make Live Photos better called Motion Stills.

The Best Photo Album Apps You've Probably Never Heard Of

If you’re still using the default photo management options that come pre-installed on your phone, you’re missing out. There are a ton of innovative third-party album apps out there, all of which are designed to make managing and sharing your photos easier. Here are the ones that impressed us most.

7 Camera Apps Better Than The One On Your Phone

You might not give much thought to the app that snaps all those photos on your phone, but you don’t have to stick with the tool Apple or Google (or Samsung or Sony) gives you — there are some fantastic third-party camera apps out there to help take your mobile photography to the next level.

18 Quick Photoshop Tips For Beginners

Photoshop is a vast program, packed with all kinds of sophisticated tools and functions to keep the professional photography world turning. Whatever your level of experience with the software, though, there are some quick and easy tips you can take advantage of to improve your Photoshop experience — here are some of our favourite ones.

Take A Rare Look Inside North Korea's Secretive Metro

Information about anything inside North Korea is hard to come by, but Pyongyang’s metro system is particularly secretive. Access to foreigners has historically been secretive, but one photographer recently made it in, rode the entire system, and has the photos to prove it.

A Strange Blip In This Star Photo CouldĀ Be A New Earth-Like Planet Being Formed

Stare deep into the eye of this planetary disk because something is forming in there — something incredible.

The 9 Most Breathtaking Images From The Smithsonian's Annual Photo Contest

A volcano spewing ash, magical forest fireflies, and a monkey who feels just like we all do about winter weather. These are just a few of the remarkable photos from the Smithsonian’s annual photo contest.

Berlin's Oddest Buildings Look Unreal Out Of Context

In the years after World War II, Berlin saw a number of new skyscrapers erected to provide the burgeoning middle class with affordable housing. Even though many were designed by famous architects they were eventually viewed as concrete monsters and mouldered in disuse, until recently.

Cool Photo Of A F-18 Flyby Of An Aircraft Carrier

Image Cache: It’s like the F/A-18E Super Hornet is splitting the horizon as it flies through the line between ocean and sky. It’s actually just zipping through a flyby during an aerial change of command ceremony above the USS John C. Stennis aircraft carrier. Either way, it’s such a perfect picture of a giant mothership and aircraft.

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