Urban Explorers Immortalise Forgotten Corners Of The Soviet Bloc

Say what you will about urban exploration as a hobby, these guys sure do find some cool shit sometimes. Thank goodness they take cameras with them.

How To Pass Time On The Train And Amuse The Entire Internet Too

Everyone is talking today about October Jones — the author of Text from Dog — and his commuter photos: He draws alternative heads for fellow train passengers and uses them to replace their real heads in photos so he gets to travel with the Hulk and Kermit.

The Winners Of The Sony World Photography Awards Are Just Stunning

Like, holy crap. Can you believe that that picture above is actually a photograph of wildebeests in Kenya and not some painting that is hung in a decorated hall of an art museum? It’s unreal. It looks like fantasy land. But it’s from a photo competition. In Focus shared the shortlist of winners of the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards and they’re simply awesome.

This Genius App Would Turn Your Smartphone Pics Into Prints

Where are the dozens of pictures on your smartphone or tablet going? Nowhere, probably. Printing them at home looks chintzy, and getting professional prints is expensive. Flag wants to change that, with an app that would give you high-quality prints and mail them wherever you want, all for free. Cool!

10 Strange Ways To Stop You From Overeating

Psychology and the human brain are awesome. This list of 10 amazing ways to stop overeating is proof of it.

7 (More) Fun Facts That Are Total Lies

Did Nikola Tesla actually work as a swimming instructor? What’s the deal with that famous photo of Albert Einstein and his therapist? Did they actually make radiation-aged bourbon back in the 1960s? Nope!

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Australian Review: Mind-Boggling Photos

Can anything out-Lumia the outstanding, 41-megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020? We think we might have found a contender that can give it a go. Meet the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.

This Algorithm Can Make Pictures Of Your Face More Memorable

We all know somebody with one of those faces. You know, the friend who always gets mistaken for someone else. They say, “I know I remember you from somewhere!” But they don’t. Turns out there’s a science to this sort of thing — and it could make your face more memorable.

The Best World Photos Of 2013

If there’s an authority on which are the best photographs of people, nature and places every year that is, without a doubt, the National Geographic Photo Contest, now in its 2013 edition. I don’t even care about the winners because the selected entries are all equally incredible. I’ve picked my favourite nine.

A Simple Way To Create Beautiful Photo Essays On The Web

If you take a lot of pictures, you probably already have some sort of online storage service filing away hundreds of photos. But what happens when you want to share a more refined, story-like presentation of your experiences? A new service called Exposure might be right up your alley.