Splendour In The Grams: A Live Instagram Feed Of The Byron Bay Festival

One of Australia’s biggest music festivals, Splendour In The Grass, kicks off this Friday in Byron Bay. The festival experience can be perfectly summarised in Instagram collages, but there’s never been a great way to view all the social action in one place. Until now. Enter Splendour In The Grams, a real-time social Splendour collage from the designer of the Triple J Warmest 100 prediction chart.

Did You See The Meteor Over Melbourne Last Night? Twitter Did [Video!]

There must have been some eager stargazers out tonight in Melbourne and parts of Sydney! A bright meteorite with a long tail reportedly streaked across the sky at 9:45pm AEST. Did you see it? Update: now with awesome video!

How 70-Year-Old Machines Make Chrome's Tough, Cheap Sneakers

Cycling outfitter Chrome Industries makes solid gear that’s designed to last even the hardest rider for the long haul. To make its super tough new sneakers, it picked up 86 World War II boot making machines from Slovakia. The $US85 Forged Rubber shoes they make will kick the crap out of your Chucks.

Feral Parrots Of Tokyo Are A Spooky Presence Flocking Above

Birds are a traditional subject of nature photography, and usually are seen as specimens of beauty. But the parrots that soar and roost around Tokyo are portrayed in the work of Yoshinori Mizutani quite differently.

The Best Way Shop For A Camera Online: Look For Its Crappiest Pictures

It’s easy to fall into a vortex of never-ending camera research when you’re looking to buy. Even if you’ve consulted the most comprehensive reviews, there can still be an itch to seek further evidence of what’s best. Allan Murabayashi over at PexaPixel wishes for better quality photos in reviews. I would argue that the contrary would be better for helping people make informed decisions.

Learn How The World's Most Detailed Macro Photos Are Captured

Have you ever wondered just what the wings of a cicada look like really close up? There’s a company with a nifty piece of tech that can show you exactly that, and anything else, down to a micron level. Its fascinating computerised rig can be configured to capture the most detailed macro photos you’ve ever seen.

Poachers Can Use Your Geotagged Safari Photos To Hunt Down Rhinos

Here’s one unexpected negative effect of ubiquitous smartphones — a sign asking people to turn off geotagging when they take pictures of endangered rhinos so that poachers can’t figure out where they are.

Hitler Materialises In Lost Family Trip Negatives Found At Thrift Store

Mat Ames found some negatives in a thrift store in Roanoke, Virginia. After digitising them, a lot of the photos seemed to belong to a couple’s holiday in Naples, Italy, in 1938. Among all the scenic Italian vignettes, there was a creepy surprise — a sinister figure sitting in a car under the sun. It was Adolf Hitler.

Urban Explorers Immortalise Forgotten Corners Of The Soviet Bloc

Say what you will about urban exploration as a hobby, these guys sure do find some cool shit sometimes. Thank goodness they take cameras with them.

How To Pass Time On The Train And Amuse The Entire Internet Too

Everyone is talking today about October Jones — the author of Text from Dog — and his commuter photos: He draws alternative heads for fellow train passengers and uses them to replace their real heads in photos so he gets to travel with the Hulk and Kermit.