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All The New Cameras Announced At Photokina

Here’s a round up of all the latest and greatest in cameras and lenses from this year’s Photokina in Germany — read on to see what FujiFilm, Olympus, Nikon and Panasonic have announced so far.

5 Awesome Cameras From The Biggest Photo Show In The World

The bi-annual Photokina show going on in Germany right now is the most important photography tech event in the world. We see some awesome gear, yes, but we also get a get a glimpse for what lies ahead. This year’s show is particularly interesting because it falls just as digital imaging reaches the crossroads between the standalone camera and the camera attached to your phone. Here’s the coolest stuff we saw.

Camera Geeks: Gorgeous Cameras And The Nerds Who Love Them

Biannual photography trade show Photokina took place last week in Cologne, Germany. It was a gathering of companies, journalists and enthusiasts, all there to swoon over the latest camera gear. If you couldn’t make the trip, gaze upon this symphonic ode to camera lovers everywhere.

Nikon D600: A Professional Camera This Awesome Cannot Possibly Be This Cheap

For a lot of people, a professional DSLR like the Nikon D800 is something you dream about but can’t afford. The new full-frame Nikon D600 is $US800 cheaper than the D800 and packs many of its big brother’s features. Yes, you, the non-professional should be very excited.

A Viewfinder And Decent Price Could Make The Sony NEX-6 The Perfect Compact Compromise

Sony’s been grinding on compact, interchangeable-lens cameras: It’s got three different lines (NEX 3, 5, 7) going at different price points, and they’re all spectacular. The Sony NEX-6 is the latest for everyone who loves using the high-end NEX-7 but hates the price.

Leica's D-LUX 5 Has Faster Lens, Probably Even Larger Price Tag

While the whole camera industry seems to be going nuts for the retro, pared-down beauty of the micro four thirds (and similar) models around, if you want true “original” design you must look for that (pricey) red dot.

Leaf’s 80MP Camera Backs The Highest Resolution Yet

Things are getting freaky over at Photokina, where Leaf showed off their new Leaf Aptus-II 12 and Aptus-II12R digital camera backs. The price: $US32,000. The pixels: 80 million – the most of any camera back to date. [PopPhoto]

Olympus Camera Will Be New Compact Flagship

Early next year, Olympus will be selling a new flagship compact camera, their first with an inbuilt Zuiko lens. While details are scarce (there’s nary a name to wishlist yet!), it looks something like this…

Eye-Fi Doubles Speeds, Adds MobileMe

Eye-Fi just made a series of announcements that will please existing users. By October 5, their cards, new and old, will receive a firmware update to double photo upload speeds on all models. Also, MobileMe was added to the list of supported services and those interested in advanced functions like geotagging will be able to buy the options in an a la carte subscription menu. Good stuff—read on for the full release.

Sigma's New SD15 DSLR and DP2 Compact Cameras Hit, Improved Imaging Engines Aboard

Sigma’s new SD15 and DP2 cameras are incremental developments of the original SD14 and DP1 cameras, but without too much in the way of change. The SD15 and DP2 share the same 3-layer 14-megapixel Foveon X3 sensor as their predecessors, but have a new True (Three-layer Responsive Ultimate Engine) II image processor aboard for improved image quality and processing speed. The DP2 has a new flare-reducing 41mm-equivalent F2.8 lens, and has adjusted controls, while the SD15 has a larger 3-inch LCD…but these seem to be the main improvements. We’ll have to wait for more info from Sigma to see if the changes make a big difference or not, and for pricing and release dates. [DCWatch]

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