How To Take Better Photos Using Your Camera's Mode Dial

Video: Switching your camera out of Auto mode can be daunting, but it’s the only path towards taking control of how your photos look. Of course, it helps to know what things like f-stop and shutter speed do, but just as important are the various modes that appear on almost every camera’s dial. We made this handy video explaining how to decode these cryptic symbols for better photos.

Gorgeous Microscopy Images Are Actually Pictures Of Sexual Biology

The Cell Picture Show has collected 10 images of sexually significant science from labs around the world: the resulting slideshow (summarised in their image above) takes you on a walk through sex systems across many types of living things.

The World's Largest Photograph Captures 365 Billion Pixels Of The Alps

The latest image to claim the title of the world’s largest photograph was a labour of love: It took 70,000 images, over 15 days of shooting, and in -25C weather. All told, the final panorama is 46 terabytes of icy blue beauty.

These Photos Were Taken By A Dog

Ever wonder what would happen if you gave a dog a camera? You don’t have to anymore: Nikon did it, and the results are endearingly fun.

This 29-Year-Old Is Shaking Up Adventure Photography

Chris Burkard is widely considered the most talented photographer working in the outdoors adventure space. He wasn’t trained as a photographer and spends much of the year living out of a car. Here’s how you can be just like him.

Here Are 40,000 Photos Of Old New York Plotted On A City Map

Over 40,000 vintage photos of New York City from the New York Public Library archives have been geotagged to a Google Map, letting you click right through history on every street corner.

These Ridiculously Detailed Aerial Photos Of London Are So Stunning

The weather isn’t great, the pubs close too early and the food is often better in other cities. Nevertheless, London is one of the most popular capitals of the world. Photographer Vincent LaForet took these amazing aerial shots of London and seeing the city overhead like this reminds you why that is.

26 Amazing Photographic Negatives

Photographic negatives. They look like strange poltergeists, or an oddworld version of our earth. But as snap-happy Gizmodo readers have proved, they’re not just strange; negatives can also be beautiful…

Cool Video Of Tokyo Made Mind Bending Blurry Effects By Stacking Frames

This is super cool, for both the slick visual effects we see and the clever behind the scenes work that allowed it to happen. Photographer Aaron Grimes made this video of Tokyo, IN MOTION, and blurred certain movements of the city and its people by stacking frames of multiple shots he took and then taking those stacked frames to create a video.

Fujifilm X-T10: A Smaller And Simpler Version Of The Lauded X-T1

Fujifilm has a reputation for making solid retro styled mirrorless cameras, and the latest, the X-T10, takes one of its most popular and high-performance bodies, the X-T1, and scales it down in size and price.