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The Sound From A Stabilised Camera Strapped To A Boomerang Is Wonderful

Video: Given humans can’t fly (on our own) it’s no surprise that we’re utterly captivated by first-person videos of objects in flight. Strapping a stabilised camera to a spinning boomerang is no exception, but it turns out the sounds of it slicing through the air are even more amazing.

These Science Photos Are So Beautiful They're Basically Art

The winners of the 2015 FASEB BioArt Image and Video Competition have been announced, and they’re amazing. Chosen from a diverse cross-section of biology, they feature everything from the proteins that make up the Ebola virus through to roundworms feasting on bacteria. Here’s the best, most beautful science photos the year had to offer.

A Photographer Toiled For Six Years To Capture This Kingfisher In Mid-Dive

It took six years and 720,000 exposures, but Scottish wildlife photographer Alan McFayden finally got his bird. He captured this stunning image of a female kingfisher in a rare mid-dive, perfectly mirrored in the water below.

To Whom It May Concern: Why Did You Put This Ugly Piece Of Art In The Middle Of Budapest?

Dear Mr Artist, this is just not the way to turn an iconic photograph to sculpture. Robert Capa is spinning in his grave. Please, take your disgusting polystyrene work out of our sight.

Awesome Photo Of A F-15 Being Refueled From The Air Fuel Tankers Perspective

Image Cache: What a view. Here’s a KC-135 Stratotanker refuelling a F-15 in the air from the perspective of the air tanker. Actually, it’s almost like seeing the whole process from the perspective of the boom, as we see the probe arm reach into the receptacle. It’s such an awesome angle.

These Are The Most Spectacular Nature Photos Of The Year

The winners of Royal Society Publishing’s inaugural photography competition have been announced, and they’re extraordinary.

This Hypnotic Gif Explains Why Spinning Propeller Photos Often Look So Bizarre

If you’ve ever snapped a photo of a plane’s spinning propeller, and then scratched your head over the bizarre results, this hypnotic Gif will help you understand what exactly went wrong — although nothing actually did.

In These Photographs, New York City Is Drowning

Photographer Zev Schmitz took a deep breath and created an incredible architecture photoseries of New York City. Every photo was taken from the waters that surround Manhattan.

These Photos Of Cities From 3000 Metres In The Air Are So Glorious

Magical. Vincent LaForet’s stunning photo series of cities all over the world at 3050m are exactly just that: magical. It lets you see cities as you’ve never seen them before. Colourful and bright and in the clouds. In extreme detail but also in its entirety. Jaw-popping, eye-dropping, the world we’ve created looks great from up there. The whole photo series is available in a huge book now called Air.

Lytro's Immerge System Could Capture The Most Convincing VR Video Yet

Lytro’s had a rough go since introducing the world to its very cool light field capture technology just over four years ago in 2011. Following a few consumer camera flops, the company’s rolling on to the pros. Immerge is perhaps the most sophisticated virtual reality camera yet.

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