Watch The Entire History Of Nexus Phones In Just Three Seconds

The Nexus 5 is finally here, and it looks lovely. But it was a long road to Nexus 5 greatness, and with this GIF from the folks at GadgetLove, you can speed down it in just three seconds.

Amazon: We Won't Launch A Phone In 2013 And It Won't Be Free, Either

Late last week, the Wall Street Journal claimed that an Amazon phone launch was imminent, and that the handset would be free. Amazon has responded to those claims, stating that neither is true.

How The NSA Misleads The Public Without Technically Lying

The Wall Street Journal published an important investigation last week, reporting that the National Security Agency (NSA) has direct access to many key telecommunications switches around the US. Notably, NSA officials repeatedly refused to talk about this story on its conference call with reporters the next day. Instead the Director of National Intelligence and the NSA released a statement about the story later that evening.

The Best Phone Background Image Ever Requires A Shattered Screen

The Onion joked about people getting phones with shattered screens but, if my screen breaks, I will set this background and keep using it until I bleed to death through my fingers. So cool. [Imgur via Reddit]

Nokia's New Lumia 620: Windows 8 On The Cheap

If you want Windows Phone 8 but are scrabbling for cash, Nokia might have the answer. It just announced its new entry-level handset, the Lumia 620, at a show in Paris — and it’s squarely targeted at the budget end of the market.

Tech's New Most Meaningless Spec: PPI

HTC’s new Droid DNA smartphone has plenty of qualities that make it intriguing. It has a quad-core Snapdragon chipset. It crams a 5-inch display in a body nearly the size of a One X or Galaxy S III. Its Super LCD 3 technology trumps the Super LCD 2 that made the HTC 8x display so lovely. By all accounts it’s a wonderful device. But one thing HTC takes particular pride in is the 1920×1080 display, good for a pixel density of 440 pixels per inch, the highest ever in any handheld consumer device. This should make tech nerds lose their shit, right? Not quite. Welcome to your new favourite meaningless stat: ppi.

Apple's Official iPhone 5 Camera Fix: Take A Different Picture

We’d seen previously how Apple customer support handled complaints about a weird purple lens flare that shows up on certain iPhone 5 camera shots. But the problem’s apparently become so widespread that the company has issued a general proclamation in its support pages.

Do Phones Need To Come With Chargers These Days?

UK carrier O2 is taking a pretty bold step: an as-yet-unannounced new HTC handset that it’s selling will come without a charger in the box. O2 claims it’s an attempt to be more environmentally friendly, but maybe it’s just the future.

Amazon Phone To Be Announced At Kindle Event?

Amazon is holding an event to announce what we expect is going to be two new Kindles in a few hours, and now we have a new indication that everyone’s favourite forest will be announcing its new smartphone at the event, as well.