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Our Favourite Games For Big Screen Phones

Gaming is a bit of a subjective thing. Some like 3D action games or first person shooters. Others just want to race. But no matter your game of choice, some are just better suited to larger screens. Here are some of our top picks.

Google's Nexus 6 Superphone Is Here, And It's A Monster

The long-awaited (and long-rumoured) Nexus 6, the 6-inch (technically 5.96-inch) monster phablet, is finally, officially here. The Nexus 6, like its predecessors before it, will be the first device in the world to ship with Android’s new operating system, Lollipop. It’s the purest vision of what an Android phone should be. Apparently Android phones should be huge.

Apparent Nexus 6 Leak Could Give Best Look Yet At Google's Giant Phone

We could be seeing Google’s new Nexus devices as soon as tomorrow (!), but this last minute image leak gives a convincing look at what’s coming. Posted on Twitter by the famous-yet-retired leaker Evan Blass, aka evleaks, this modified Motorola smartphone, sporting Android L, could be the Nexus we’ve been waiting for.

What's The Perfect Smartphone Screen Size?

Now that we have confirmation of Apple’s next iPhone event being just around the corner, it’s only a matter of days before we (very, very likely) see a bigger iPhone screen finally rounding out the bunch. Which got us thinking — what’s your ideal smartphone screen size?

Huawei At MWC: Talkband B1 Activity Tracker, 7-Inch Smartphone, New Tablet

Mobile World Congress is just kicking off in Barcelona, and Huawei is one of the first out of the gates with new devices. A new monster 7-inch smartphone, a smartband that tracks your movement and transforms into a Bluetooth headset, and an 8-inch tablet are all on show.

Dear Samsung: A 'Fonblet' Is Not A Thing

During its Analyst Day today in Seoul, South Korea, Samsung has been trying to coin a new term. Brace yourselves, because if you thought ‘phablet’ was bad, then the ‘fonblet’ is something else entirely.

HTC One Max: Shiny Aluminium, 5.9-Inch Screen And A Fingerprint Scanner

HTC’s zapped its flagship One design with its embiggening rays and scaled the One Max up to gigantic proportions. At 5.9-inches, it’s in that scary land where it’s either a really large phone, or a phablet. We’re not quite sure HTC knows what it is either.

Samsung Plans Bendable Plastic OLED Display For New Galaxy Note 3

Samsung may well be the first company to actually deliver on the endless promise that flexible displays are on the way, with a limited edition Galaxy Note 3 with a plastic OLED screen said to be in production.

This Huge Thing Is Allegedly Nokia's Lumia 1520 Phablet

That huge thing to the right there is alleged to be the Nokia Lumia 1520, the phone company’s first go at entering the monster phone/tablet hybrid space. According to WP Central, the Lumia 1520 features a 6-inch display running at 1080p resolution, with previous leaks suggesting it will arrive powered by a leading edge Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset.

Huawei Mate Review: Large, But Not In Charge

The Huawei Mate is officially the largest phone/phablet/whatever to grace our test labs so far, so how does the Godzilla of smartphones compare to the competition?

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