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Save Your Legs With This Self-Balancing Briefcase Unicycle

Honda has been demoing its sitting Segways for years now, but the Hammacher Schlemmer version has one crucial advantage over them: it’s actually for sale. So instead of just being tantalized by a future where legs are an unnecessary human feature, we’re now officially living it.

Honda's Self-Balancing Unicycle: A Segway For Sitters

Comfort and safety are the top features when it comes to buying a new car, so in an attempt to make its U3-X personal mobility device more consumer-friendly, Honda has improved both those aspects in its new Uni-Cub concept.

T3 Scooters And The Cops Who Love Them

The next time you ride NYC subway, you might notice an officer mounting one of four brand new T3 scooters. But the NYPD aren’t nearly the first cops to show off their sweet three-wheelers. Thank goodness.

In Honda's Future, We Are All Rolling Meat Puppets

Riding Honda’s U3-X personal mobility prototype is easy. Very easy. Gut-fatteningly, motivation-drainingly, muscle-atrophyingly easy.

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