This Mechanical Keyboard Is Secretly An Android Computer

Your keyboard is boring — it doesn’t do anything special or unique. You could change that: some crazy bastards in China have built a keyboard that’s secretly a quad-core Android PC.

Get The Edge: Gaming Mice, Keyboards And Headsets

Gizmodo Video Guide: The great thing about gaming peripherals is that a few hundred dollars or less can really help change the game in your favour. Here are some ideas for beginners.

No One Needs A One-Button Hashtag Key, But I Want It Anyway

Are you sick and tired of hitting two keys before each and every hashtag? Have you lost hours at work hunting down the # on your keyboard? Has your pinky been injured from awkward shifting positions? No? Me neither. But isn’t this little hashtag keyboard cuuuuuuuute?

What's The Best Video Game Peripheral Ever?

Video game consoles are amazing. Ever since I cracked into my first NES 20+ years ago, they continued their steady progression of awesome. Yeah, there have been a few hiccups along the way (does anyone remember 3DO Interactive Multiplayer?), but overall every iteration was an improvement.

What's Your Favourite Chrome OS Peripheral?

Sometimes the integrated inputs on your Chromebook just simply aren’t good enough (looking at you, Chromebook 11 trackpad). But the OS is still new enough that not many major manufacturers directly support it. Sure, Chrome OS is supposed to be plug-and-play compatible with any USB HID peripheral, but this nest of un-pairable wireless mice on my desk suggest otherwise.

This Extra Button For Your Android Will Let You Program Secret Codes

We were super excited when we heard about Pressy — the extra button for your Android phone — a few months ago. Now its Kickstarter is hella funded and it’s getting one more cool new feature: it can give your phone secret cheat codes.

The Key To Never Forgetting Your iPhone's Charging Cable

Key-shaped USB flash drives have guaranteed we never forget to bring our important files ever again. Taking the same approach, Bluelounge’s Kii guarantees you always have an emergency iPhone or iPad charger on hand — as long as you remembered to lock your home and bring your keys.

Thunderbolt 2 Will Be In Products Later This Year

Intel has officially announced that the next generation of Thunderbolt, previously codenamed Falcon Ridge, will be called… wait for it… Thunderbolt 2. Lame name, sadly — but it still promises to be amazing.MORE

Microsoft Has Two New Mice For Windows 8 Multitasking

Microsoft has a couple new mice coming out today with some simple features that make using Windows 8 a little bit easier. First up on the the fancier end is the Sculpt Comfort Mouse, which will be on sale in June.

Suction Cup Viewfinder Makes Your iPhone More Like A DSLR

If you’re a professional photographer who has reluctantly embraced the iPhone as an occasional alternative to your DSLR, you’re gonna love Photojojo’s latest smartphone accessory. It’s a suction cup viewfinder that sticks your iPhone’s display letting you block out all the distractions around you and frame your shots the same way you would with your full-sized camera.