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Ask Gizmodo: What Camera Should I Buy My Son To Learn On?

Hiya Gizmodo! My 15 year old son has really started getting into photography — it has quickly become one of his favourite subjects at school. I’d love to get him a decent camera (under $1000) that can grow with him and his skills, for a few years at least. What’s the best direction to go in? Cheers, Mum

The First Pentax Full-Frame DSLR Is A Beauty

Pentax has never made a full-frame DSLR before. But this new camera, the K-1, looks like it was worth the wait.

A Look Into The Design World Of Marc Newson

On Sunday, SBS aired the third episode of season two of Designer People hosted by Lee Lin Chin, and this week’s episode was about Aussie industrial designer extraordinaire and tech world hearthrob Marc Newson.

Pentax 645Z: The Medium-Format DSLR Gets A Major Sensor Upgrade

Medium-format digital cameras are out of reach for most, but Pentax has been providing ones on the “affordable” side (under $10,000), for a few years now. Their new guy, the 645Z, packs a brand new, friggin large, 51 megapixel CMOS sensor.

Gizmodo Camera Buying Guide: Mirrorless Camera Lenses, Brand By Brand

When you buy a mirrorless/compact system camera — you’re going to want a great lens. Each brand has its own range of lenses, but alternatively you can use adapters to give you more options to choose from.

We’ve put together a quick overview of each brand’s offerings, to show you what’s what in the mirrorless camera lens world. Got any questions? Ask us in the comments.

Pentax K-3: A DSLR Camera That Sees The World A Few Different Ways

As the sub-$1000, beginner DSLR camera’s utility has been gradually been replaced by the rise of mirrorless cameras, the just-over $US1000 DSLR market remains an area where camera companies are hoping to reign in more advanced and even professional users. With that in mind, let’s take a look at Pentax’s new K-3, a completely overhauled mid-range shooter from the storied brand.

Pentax's Q7 Interchangeable-Lens Camera Is Tiny Like A Point-And-Shoot

When you first see Pentax’s new Q5 interchangeable-lens camera, you think your brain is playing tricks on you. How can it be so small? This must be a replica. But then you hold it in your hand, and squee with delight because it’s so maddeningly adorable.

Pentax MX-1: This Camera's 'Retro' Style Might Be Past Its Prime

Pentax is a classic imaging company, so you have to let it have its own crack at building a camera that looks old school, right? In theory, sure — but the new Pentax MX-1 feel just a little late to the party.

Pentax's K-5 II Can See In Absurd Darkness

Pentax has overhauled the excellent dustproof, shockproof, water-resistant Pentax K-5 from 2010 with a brand new autofocus system that works in darker conditions than every before. The Pentax K-5 II might just be the best sticky situation camera out there.

Pentax K-30 Review: Tough Body, Sensitive Soul

We’ve been excited about the rugged Pentax K-30 since we first saw the weather-sealed body. It’s much better built than other DSLRs in the $US1000 range. But can its photos and videos hold up?

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