Pentagon Defence Lawyers Banned From Computers Over Data Loss

Pre-trial hearings for the Guantanamo war crimes tribunals have been brought to a halt. This is due to sensitive legal documents going missing from Pentagon computers, prompting an IT ban for the defence lawyers in question.

Pentagon: Let's Threaten Nuke Strike Against Hackers

Most of us are content keeping hackers away with a firewall and decent password. But the Pentagon isn’t nearly content, and in a new report, insists we should keep our nuclear arsenal ready for internet retaliation. What could go wrong?

Pentagon's Scariest Robot Can Now Hurl Cinder Blocks Your Way

Boston Dynamic’s Big Dog was already one of the most advanced — and terrifying! — robots on the planet. Well, it just got scarier, because now it can accurately throw cinder blocks at you while on the march.

Pentagon's New Mechanical Horse Is Smart Enough To Follow Its Masters

Boston Dynamics keeps refining its Legged Squad Support System, the robotic quadruped descendant of Big Dog. The new version of the eerie mechanical horse, which will aid US Marines squads once finished, got some cool upgrades.

This Robot Cheetah Is Faster Than Usain Bolt

This is scary. This is even scarier than Big Dog. It’s the latest version of the Pentagons’s newest Cheetah robot, and it now runs faster than Usain Bolt, the fastest man on Earth.

Pentagon Tells Staff To Stop Surfing Porn Sites While On The Job

Work eventually gets tedious for everyone — even if your job is one that others may think of as exciting. That’s apparently the case at the Missile Defence Agency in the Pentagon, because employees have been warned to stop watching so much online porn while at work.

This Insanely Detailed Model Used To Plot Bin Laden's Death Took Six Weeks To Build

This is the once-classified model of Osama Bin Laden’s compound — the one used to plan the US Navy SEAL raid against the terrorist leader. From a distance, this model could be a piece you’d see in a museum, but in the details you’ll see the painstaking work that went into the tool that helped kill the devil lying inside.

How A Single Bolt Sidelined A Submarine For Three Months

If you heard an ominous sound coming from your car’s engine, what would you do? Most people probably wouldn’t continue to gun the engine, trying different gears until the problem went away. But if you were the crew of the guided missile-equipped USS Georgia and you heard some clunking coming from the submarine’s engine, that’s exactly what you would do.

Pentagon Quit The Avengers Because Of 'Unreality' [Spoilers]

The Pentagon halted its cooperation with Marvel Studios’ blockbuster movie The Avengers because the US Defense Department didn’t think a movie about superheroes, Norse gods and intergalactic invasions was sufficiently realistic in its treatment of military bureaucracy.

How A Photo Of A Random Ensign Hung In The Pentagon For Almost A Year

In the hallowed halls of the Pentagon, next to photos of military greats like Patton, Eisenhower and Nimitz, once hung a portrait of a Ensign Chuck Hord, a man who, as the plaque on the gilded frame reads, was sadly lost at sea in 1908.