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A Gas-Powered Pencil Sharpener Chews Through Pencils Like An Army Of Beavers

What do you do when a friend hands you a broken nitro-powered RC car they found in trash? If you’re a do-it-youselfer like Mike Moyer, you of course get the engine back into working condition and then turn the whole thing into an over-the-top gas-powered pencil sharpener.

This Lighter Sharpener Destroys Wooden Pencils Without Fire

You can make short work of destroying a pencil with a standard Bic lighter, but this fuel-free alternative is arguably a safer way to go about it. Because instead of setting it on fire, all you need is a few minutes of constant twisting to turn turn your Faber-Castells into a pile of shavings.

Does This Mean Power Drills Are Allowed In Classrooms Now?

Marketed as the “world’s first chuckable drill powered pencil sharpener”, C.H. Hanson’s $US7 Pro-Sharp Finishing Pencil Carpenter sounds much more scientific than it actually is. Just attach it to where you’d normally screw in the drill bits; whack a pencil in, and zooooooooom, off you go to sharper-pencils nirvana. And breathe! [Amazon via Notcot]

The Camera Pencil Sharpener Is Awfully Cute

Modelled on an old twin-lens reflex camera, this $US16 pencil sharpener deserves a spot on any photographer’s desk. It’s $US16. [Mortimer Snodgrass via SwissMiss]

How Mechanical Pencil Sharpeners Really Work

The mysteries of the universe rarely reveal themselves with such spontaneous clarity. I’m also pretty sure my toaster works the same way, just with tiny flamethrowers. [Tumblr via BuzzFeed]

DIY Tesla Turbine Pencil Sharpener Is Pointlessly Dangerous

Using a CD jewel case, some magnets and a 12-volt air compressor, you can build an elaborate Tesla turbine sharpener for pencils you probably don’t even use. Oh, did I mention it could kill you?

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