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Olympus's Pen-F Is The Artsiest Retro Camera Yet

Covetable retro camera reboots have been a thing for years, but oh my, this new Pen-F interchangeable-lens shooter from Olympus has my heart beating hard.

The Magic Of Writing On Water With A Fountain Pen

Video: I love to watch someone write with a fountain pen. It tickles my neck to hear the strokes and see the trail it leaves. This video, however, shows a fountain pen writing a little differently. It’s writing with water. It’s like magic seeing the ink of the fountain pen instantly flow through the capillaries of the water.

How To Cut A Goose Feather Into A Lovely Quill Pen

I’m not going to lie, I don’t really need to know how to cut and make a quill pen from a goose feather. No one does anymore. But! I was completely fascinated by the process of it. It’s funny how he uses both vintage tools (an 1800s era quill cutting knife) with modern technology (a NYC metro card!).

Drawing Lines With A Pen Can Magically Control Bugs

Video: I’ve always wondered what some bugs are actually aware of. Can they see what’s happening above them? Do they realise when we’re screwing with them? Or can they only make 2D decisions in a 3D world? Like this guy shepherding a bug on a piece of paper by just drawing lines with a pen.

Oh, Wow, This Pen Is Actually A Tattoo

I don’t like most tattoos, but I have to recognise that, when the artist is good, they can be admirable works of art. Like this pen on an ear — it looks so real it’s surreal! It could have been created by Salvador Dalí or René Magritte. Especially Dalí, looking at the melting ear:

Gizmodo Camera Buying Guide: Mirrorless Cameras Explained

Mirrorless cameras — aka compact system cameras — arguably have the photographic features of a full-sized digital SLR in a compact, attractive body. They’re portable and powerful, but there are a few key features that separate mirrorless cameras from the rest of the pack. Don’t really know what any of this means? Read on.

Olympus Pen E-P5: A Retro-Styled Mirrorless Camera Made Amazing

Olympus has been teetering on the edge of nailing mirrorless camera design for years. In fact, many would argue that last year’s retro-fantastic OM-D E-M5 bordered on perfection. Aesthetes fell in love with its looks at the same time that real, serious photographers were amazed at its spectacular image quality.

Scientists Build Incredible Supercapacitor Using...Pen Ink?

Standard pen ink is the surprise component in a flexible carbon fibre supercapacitor which can be bent in a full circle with barely any loss of performance.

Surgeons Extract Pen In Woman's Stomach 25 Years After She Swallowed It

This woman swallowed a felt-tip pen in 1986. Back then, she told the doctor and her husband what happened, but they didn’t believe her. Now, 25 years later, she went to another doctor and they found the pen intact inside her stomach.

3 Olympus PEN Models Coming This Year; One With Touchscreen?

Many have admired the Olympus PEN range of micro-four-thirds, but few have actually been able to afford them. That’s not going to change anytime soon, if Olympus outs a high-end “PEN Pro” model, which is tipped to come with a touchscreen.

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