Build A Homebrew Apple Mac Pro For Almost Half Price

Apple’s Mac Pro is an absolutely stunning machine. It has world-beating specifications, but its cylindrical, central-blower-fan-forced design also redefines what a desktop or workstation computer looks like. If you don’t care so much about the grace and elegance of your video- or data-crunching PC, though, there’s a cheaper way.

Sony Cutting 5000 Jobs, Selling PC Business And E-Reader Business For Smartphone And Tablet Focus

Sony has decided to give up on its Vaio PC business and has announced that it is selling the entire division to Japan Industrial Partners.

Gigabyte Squeezes Amazing Gaming Guts Into 28mm Thick Laptop

This laptop might not have the sleek looks of a shiny ultrabook. But what does that matter when Gigabyte has managed to cram some crazy powerful gaming guts into its 23mm frame?

Toshiba Crams Five Computers In Its Shape-Shifting Concept PC

It’s a concept, but it’s a super fun one. Toshiba’s shape-shifting concept 5-in-1 PC somehow manages to be a laptop, a tablet, a convertible tablet, a canvas and a presentation TV-type device. A few of those five might be redundant (and/or useless), but it’s pretty freaking sweet to see one computer try to be everything you want it to be.

Razer's Modular Desktop Makes Building A PC Like Playing With Lego

Building your own computer is generally reserved for the hardcore, the devoted, the geeky. But with Razer’s Project Christine, it’s as easy as playing with Lego. Really big, actively mineral cooled Lego. Also it looks like a badass rack of rockets or something, which is cool as shit.

Windows 8.1: The Complete Video Walkthrough

Windows 8.1 is a bunch of small changes that make for a big improvement over Windows 8. It doesn’t really hit home until you use it, or at least see it in action.

Windows 8.1 Review: Little Changes Make A Big Difference

Hey, remember Windows 8? How could you forget? It was the biggest upheaval in desktop computing in recent memory, and even if you’re not a user, its big colourful tiles are on your radar. Now, with Windows 8.1, Microsoft is giving its flashy new OS a first facelift. The changes are minor, but they’re more than the sum of their parts.

Nvidia: PC Graphics Will Always Beat Consoles

“It’s no longer possible for a console to be a better or more capable graphics platform than the PC.” Those fighting words come courtesy of Tony Tamasi, Nvidia’s Senior Vice President of Content and Technology, in a new interview with Australian PC PowerPlay.

This Gaming PC Is Smaller Than A Controller But Still Packs A Punch

There are plenty of gaming PCs designed to replace consoles, but that normally means accepting something underpowered like the Ouya if you’re short on space. But this little guy, called the Gigabyte Brix II, is both powerful and petite.

Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga: Finally A Convertible With Some Grit

Out of last year’s selection of fledgling Windows 8 convertibles, Lenovo’s Yoga was our favourite by far. Now we’re getting one with some ruggedness to it. You know, a little bit of raw strength. Meet the Thinkpad Yoga.