iTime: Smartwatch Patent Shows Apple's Broad Ambitions

This morning, the folks over at AppleInsider discovered that Apple was granted a patent today for the iTime, which can only be described as a device-connected smartwatch that offers advanced functionality like arm and wrist gestures, as well as advanced proximity sensing, through a sensor-laden smart strap.

Airbus: Who Needs Real Seats When You Can Straddle Bike Saddles?

Today in Questionable Airbus Patents, it’s not the pilot being displaced; it’s our sweet, precious legroom. And about three-quarters of the seats themselves. We just hope you’re not a fan of personal space, because otherwise — it’s going to be a long flight.

Apple Patent Describes How To Create Seamless All-Glass Devices

Imagine a phone or tablet encased in one solid, seamless, curved slab of glass: hell to repair, but heaven, surely, in the hand. Well, a new patent obtained by Apple describes how it might manufacture such a thing, if it were ever to choose to.

This Man Shouldn't Be The Next US Patent Office Director

Philip Johnson is Chief Intellectual Property Counsel of Johnson & Johnson, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. He is also a representative member of the Coalition for 21st Century Patent Reform, the leading trade group opposing patent reform this past year.

Airbus: Eh, Pilots Don't Really Need Windows

As a kid (or, let’s be honest, even as an a adult), nothing is more thrilling than getting to venture into an airline pilot’s coveted cockpit throne. But if Airbus’ new cockpit-less patents ever become a reality, those days are behind us. Because let’s face it — a “tour of the baggage locker” just doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

The Secret Android Patents That Microsoft Forces OEMs To License

Microsoft has long licensed a glut of patents to Android hardware makers for them to avoid litigation. Now, the Chinese government has made public exactly what they are.

Apple Patent Hints At A Weightlifting Tracker For The iWatch

If feeling the burn isn’t enough, a new patent issued to Apple suggests that it might, maybe, possibly be working on a weightlifting tracker that will work with its rumoured smartwatch.

Tesla Might Just Open Up Its Electric Car Patents

This is kind of unprecedented, but Tesla might just open up its electric car patents to other manufacturers.

Samsung Patents A Smartwatch With Gesture Control

There’s only so much room for a touchscreen on your wrist. Unless you’re dressed like Dick Tracy, talking into your watch will make you look like you’ve lost the plot. A newly uncovered Samsung patent looks to motion-tracking gestures as potential supplementary smartwatch controls to ease the burden on the smaller devices.

Apple Patent Hints At Plans For Liquidmetal And Sapphire iPhone Chassis

The US Patent and Trademark Office has issued Apple with a patent that finally suggests how the company may have planned (or be planning) to use Liquidmetal: in conjunction with display glass made from sapphire to form a single, integrated chassis for the iPhone.