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Now You Don't Even Have To Boil Water To Make Perfect Pasta

Even those completely unskilled in the kitchen can manage to successfully boil a pot of water and make pasta. But Barilla doesn’t want to stop there, it wants even those who can barely differentiate between a stove and a fridge to be able to make spaghetti, and so has created a new line of pastas called Pronto that don’t even require you to boil water.

Making Pasta By Hand Is A Mesmerisingly Beautiful Process

Video: I know Chef Evan Funke of Bucato is making pasta in this video — I see it and it’s absolutely beautiful — but it almost looks like he’s playing a musical instrument. There’s so much skill in his work and so much grace in his movements that I can’t help but feel like I’m watching an artist at work.

The Best Impossible Pasta Shapes, Made Real By 3D Printing

Traditional pasta extruders, as mesmerising as they are, can only handle so much complex geometry. Barilla recently held a competition for 3D-printed pasta shapes, and the winners include unusual shapes like a blooming rose and cratered moon.

Physicists Invented A Horrible New Pasta Shape, For Science

Physicists at the University of Warwick created a new hard-to-eat pasta shape they call anelloni to demonstrate the complicated formations ring-shaped polymers can form when they intertwine.

No, These Clever Pasta Pot Grips Aren't Edible

As convincing as Avichai Tadmor’s ‘Italian Job’ cooking accessories look, you’re going to have a heck of a time turning these Farfalloni silicone pot holders into something that’s even remotely edible.

How To Make Spaghetti A Dangerous Weapon (Besides All Those Carbs)

Not only has he laid claim to the title of world’s greatest slingshot designer, Joerg Sprave is also a master of turning seemingly innocuous everyday items into frighteningly deadly weapons. This week he turns his attention to spaghetti, weaponising what we all wrongly assumed was one of the safest meals one could enjoy.

Increase Your Knowledge Of Noodles With This Encyclopedic Pasta Poster

When it comes to pasta, you better know your rotini from your rotelle, cuz if you just go around calling everything “spaghetti” until you’re like 21, people are going to make fun of you. Believe me; I know. Fortunately this perfect pasta poster can pump up your proficiency.

This Multi-Hinged Cap Will Always Pour The Perfect Pasta Portion

Pasta portioners seem like a popular target for designers, and while there’s no shortage of clever ways to measure out the perfect amount, the Spaghetti Tower does so while also providing a sealed container to keep your pasta fresh.

Spaghetti Measure Ensures You Make The Right Amount Every Time

This spaghetti measure is really clever: grab a bundle of dry pasta and it’ll measure out 1-4 servings using its aperture-like ring. No more wasted pasta or still-hungry regrets. [A+R Store via 7 Gadgets]

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