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This Is What Tablets Looked Like In 2001

It’s probably for the best that tablets didn’t really enter the mainstream until Apple launched the iPad, at least if the Nokia M510 Web Tablet was anything to go by.

Watch The IRS Defend Its Use Of Computers In The 1960s

When the US Internal Revenue Service began using computers in the early ’60s, there was national outrage: how could a machine be trusted to look after our finances? This 10-minute video, fresh from the archives, was an attempt to convince people that everything would be OK.

Watch 30 Years Of Mobile Phones Come Together As A Digital Orchestra

What do you get if you take 30 mobile phones and four pagers from across the last 30 years, and wire them together with a sound system? An oddly catchy bit of music is what.

9 People Who Thought Gmail Might Be An April Fools' Prank

Gmail’s officially entering its tender tween years today, and after a decade with the internet’s favourite email service, we can barely even remember our lives without it. But then that’s why we have the internet — to remember for us.

This Wearable Abacus Is Basically The World's Oldest Smart Ring

Smart rings may seem like something from an impossible (or at least highly unlikely) vision of the future, but tech you can wrap around your little finger isn’t anything new. Just take this itty-bitty abacus from the 17th century as proof.

A Mechanical Doll That Will Crawl All The Way Into Your Nightmares

The next time your kid complains about not having the latest and greatest toys, just point them towards this photo of what children in the late 1800s had to play with. On one hand they will certainly start appreciating what they have got, but on the other they probably won’t sleep for a week because this thing will haunt their dreams.

19th Century New York Was Covered In An Insane Web Of Telephone Wires

Alexander Graham Bell may have invented the telephone in 1875, but the first phone installation didn’t come about for another three years. And that’s what makes these photos from 1887 so incredible; this tangled mass of telephone wires had already wound itself around New York City’s streets just seven years after that first installation.

Here's What The Winter Olympics Looked Like More Than 80 Years Ago

I think ice skating at Rockefeller during the holidays looks more professional than this. But it was Lake Placid, NY, USA in 1932, and it was only the third Winter Olympics and what they were doing was probably groundbreaking stuff. There were only four sports! 14 events! 17 countries! 252 athletes! It’s like going up to the mountains with your friends.

These Century-Old Selfies Make Instagram Look Like A Joke

Mayfair, Kelvin, Earlybird — it really won’t make a difference. Because when it comes to these absolutely wonderful selfies taken as early 1909, all of our carefully selected Instagram filters will never begin to compare.

The Insane 1950s Flight Sim That Taught WWII Airmen To Refuel In Midair

Performing a midair fuel transfer between aircraft is among the most technically challenging maneuvers in aviation, especially when flying a prop-driven, WWII-era C-97 Stratotanker. That’s why neophyte pilots spent hours at the controls of this life-size simulator before they ever set foot in the real thing.