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Microsoft's First Website From 1994 Looks Delightfully Ancient Today

In 1994, there were just a few thousand websites on the internet. HTML was still new, and the concept of web publishing was still embryonic. It was the year that Microsoft launched its own website — and to celebrate its 20th anniversary on the web, the company dug that old website up and put it back online.

6 Early iPhone Mockups That Were Dead Wrong

It’s Apple rumour season — really, when is it not? — and that means it’s also the season of mockups. But the next time you see an appealing iWatch mockup, keep in mind how deeply, deeply wrong most of us have been at guessing what the future of Apple might look like.

Old Daily Show Clips Mocking Camera Phones And Texting Are Hilarious

When it comes to consistently incisive commentary, The Daily Show is second to none, especially where poking fun at tech is concerned. But go back about 10 years, and — er, it was still incredibly good at mocking new tech. And for many of the same reasons we do today.

Everyone Should Get To Travel In A Giant Mechanical Elephant Like This

The Swedish Tekniska museet has just released this charming vintage photograph of “the World’s first mechanical elephant”, giving no further information about the huge robotic creature in the black and white shot.

This Is What Solar Panels Used To Look Like

This incredibly beautiful object is a dual-axis array of non-imaging solar concentrators — or, in other words, a solar panel. Things have certainly changed, haven’t they?

11 Machines That Exercise For You, From The Victorian Era To Today

Time was, humans didn’t have to worry much about getting exercise. When we had to kill, gather, grow, or herd our own food, working out happened naturally. Of course, as soon as we figured out how to avoid those laborious chores, we did. Not long after, we had to come up with new ways of staying in shape; hence, exercise.

How To Build The Best PC 1991 Had To Offer

In 1991, the reliably delightful Computer Chronicles gave us a peek into the intrepid world of custom PC builders — or as they were called back then, “homebrewers”. And looking back a solid 23 years later, the once so-called “Volkswagen of PCs” is downright adorable.

How Teen Hackers Were Portrayed In 1980s Family Magazines

Like all things, the way we portray hackers in pop culture has evolved through the years. But they were maybe never more adorable than in 1980s family magazines.

How To Use Your Bike For Self Defence

Back at the turn of the century, the bicycle was one of the hottest non-horse-powered modes of transportation available. It was also affecting all aspects of city-living, including dealing with crime. Thankfully, in 1901, Pearson’s Magazine ran an illustrated feature on how to use your bike to fend off attackers.

Here's How A 1984 Macintosh Tutorial Taught People To Use A Mouse

A generation of us grew up interacting with computers through a mouse — but that has not always case and will not always be the case. (Hi there toddlers on iPads!) When the Macintosh 128K debuted in 1984, it had to teach users how to point, click and drag with a charming, game-filled mouse tutorial.

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