The Dumb Ways Some Websites Store Your Passwords

In an ideal world, passwords would be secured so tightly that not even the best hacker could get the merest sniff of your details. Sadly, that’s not always the case.

Try Your Hand At Crosswords Made From The Adobe Password Leak

Originally just a comic from Randall Munroe of xkcd, one enterprising internet person decided to take the 1000 most common passwords from the recent Adobe breach and transform them into a series of ten crosswords… which you can complete, if you’re in the mood.

Swipe Passwords For Online Banking Is A Genius Idea

Online banking on your smartphone is one of those wonderful services that lets you avoid overdrafts, or more importantly, awkward, “your credit card has been declined” moments. But entering an online banking password on an itty bitty keyboard problem is no fun.

Knock For iPhone Is The Most Fun You'll Ever Have Unlocking Your Mac

Passwords are obnoxious, but until desktops start coming with a fingerprint/retina/any other type of body part scanner, they’re stuck dealing with the passcode security of yesteryear — or so it would seem. The new Knock app for iPhone takes a more fun approach.

Keep Your Precious Data Safe By Storing Passwords In Your Subconscious

Do you ever fear that, one day, data-hungry bandits will tie you to a chair and make you surrender your Facebook password? It’s not an unreasonable fear, actually. Christopher Nolan made a gripping documentary about this very scenario. But, thanks to a new method developed by scientists from Stanford and Northwestern, you may never have to worry about remembering a password ever again.

LastPass Versus KeePass: What's The Best Online Password Manager?

For years, we’ve been touting the virtues of KeePass Password Safe, a free open-source program for storing all your website passwords and associated notes behind a single master password. And to synch KeePass across multiple machines, we’ve been recommending that readers store the encrypted database on Dropbox. However, we got to wondering whether the popular browser-based password manager LastPass was a superior, one-stop solution. So this month, we invited the two free password trappers to duke it out for bragging rights.

These Rorschach Ink Tests Could Replace The Good Old CAPTCHA

The CAPTCHA is a wonderful thing, but it’s not without its failings. And as hackers get better and better at cracking them, a team of CMU engineers are proposing an alternative: inkblot tests.

How The Bible Is Helping Crack Your Passwords

The Bible might not be quite the good book it claims to be. According to an Ars Technica report on the future of password-cracking, the holy book is being employed to help crack passwords to great effect.

Adobe Treating Australians As Lesser Beings Even After Details Of 2.9 Million Accounts Were Stolen

Oh, Adobe. Not content with overcharging Australians and trying to dodge questions about it, now we’re getting second-rate treatment even when you’re attacked by hackers. Sigh.

Google Knows The Wi-Fi Passwords Of All Android Users

A new privacy fuss is kicking off around Google’s Android mobile OS, with security boffins claiming that the software’s backup tools mean that a copy of everyone’s Wi-Fi password history is now saved to Google’s servers. Which may mean it could be legally compelled to hand them out, should a government come calling.