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Sesame Street Perfectly Parodies House Of Cards

Though only parents and maybe a handful of Underwoodian kids watching would understand the parody, Sesame Street pretty much nailed House of Cards in a skit about the Three Little Pigs. Frank Underwolf stars and recreates the same feel of the political drama — soliloquies, political plotting, etc — only with muppets instead.

The Best Her Parody Yet Has A Punchline Worth Waiting For

In the new Spike Jonze film Her, Joaquin Phoenix plays a dude who falls in love with an operating system. But what if it the gender roles were flip flopped? This parody from HitFix shows a situation that might be all too familiar.

The Perfect Parody Video To Every Lifehacking Video Ever

For every awesome life hack and tip you see on the internet, there are thousands more that seem so complicated that they seem like they would make life harder. This parody video by KipKay — who actually comes up with awesome life hacks — hilariously pokes fun of those types of useless, ridiculous tips. Like using your sandals to hold your gun. Or a blowtorch for butter.

Everyone Who Records Videos On Their Phone Needs To Follow This Rule

I understand that when you take a picture or video with your phone, it makes a lot of sense to hold your phone upright. It’s more comfortable! It’s totally natural! Although Instagram has helped fix portrait mode pictures by squaring them off, we still haven’t solved the portrait video problem. It’s awful to watch videos like that. Everyone who does it is just a bunch of scrubs.

What If The Superheroes From The Avengers Existed In Real Life?

Because we don’t have any real-life superheroes in this totally lame world of ours, we obsess over the lives of silly celebrities with beautiful cheekbones and photoshopped curves and cry over athletes wearing fresh laundry. It’s what we call fun! But if superheroes existed on Earth, all those puny humans would never make the cover of magazines ever again. We’d obsess over superheroes all the time.

All The Tacky Features Adobe Creative Cloud Thankfully Isn't Getting

This hilarious parody video imagines what would happen if Adobe introduced some of the tackiest elements of digital design ever to Photoshop and the rest of its design products. It’s funny because humans have terrible taste.

How To Stop A Horrible Parody Twitter Account Before It Starts

Parody Twitter accounts are a pox on the internet. Comedian Jake Fogelnest, however, has done his part to prevent another one of these vile, unfunny things from becoming a thing.

The Onion: Apple's New iPhone Comes With A Pre-Cracked Screen

Apple is really targeting a niche market with its newest device — an iPhone geared towards college/university girls that comes with an already shattered screen. I mean, they’re going to crack it at some point, so why not just get it out of the way?

This Onion TED Parody Has A Dog Eating Apple Pie

I’m sure the new Onion’s TED parody is funny, but I was just too impatient to sit through all that talk about how we consume, digest and poop out news even before they are fully written. So I jumped to the end, when a dog eats an apple pie, a moment I’ve waited to see in detail since they released their series trailer.

What An iPad And Microsoft Surface Parody Commercial Looks Like

Cheery piano music and then *drop* DUBSTEP BOW WAH KEKEKEKE CHIGGCHIGGCHIGG BADOOM chop your stupid hand off music. It’s kind of hilarious to see the two tablets (and its ad strategy) next to each other, no? Kind of like seeing a Mitt Romney and Barack Obama dual commercial or something.

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