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The Best Solution To Stop Skyscrapers From Casting Shadows?

Upper Manhattan-dwelling New Yorkers have been complaining for years that supertalls are going to ruin the views from their beloved Central Park. Here’s a very good solution: lower the elevation of the park.

Here Are All 59 Beautiful US National Parks In 1 Minute

Video: From canyons to glaciers to valleys to lakes and everything in between, the US has so many different textures that it’s a neat reminder in how different this here planet can be.

A Floating Forest Will Add Instant Greenery To Rotterdam's Harbour

Like oversized fishing floats used as flower vases, these 20 trees planted in colourful buoys are designed to add whimsy and nature to Rotterdam’s industrial waterfront. The installation, named Dobberend Bos, or “bobbing forest” in Dutch, will be released into the city’s harbour in March.

A Totally Feasible Plan To Turn Manhattan's Busiest Street Into A 40-Block Park

New York City has plenty of parks that revamp ageing transit infrastructure: The High Line transforms a decrepit elevated rail route, the Lowline reclaims forgotten tunnels. But neither of those is as ambitious as the Green Line, a concept that would turn a major street into a linear park.

These Parks Are Reclaiming Ugly Urban Underpasses As Public Space

Manhattan’s rails-to-trails High Line sparked a global trend of turning old transit infrastructure into parks. But a new breed of public spaces aren’t waiting for the transportation around them to stop running — they’re transforming the ground below the still-active elevated tracks.

Watch How Designers Re-Engineered An Island To Make A Park In New York City

Parks aren’t always built just so we can enjoy the trees. On Governor’s Island in New York City, a truly unique public space will bring nature back to a former military base — and it’s engineered to withstand the catastrophic storms that climate change will bring. It’s called The Hills, and in this documentary, we talk to one of its principle designers.

The Experimental Jungle Room Where NYC's Underground Park Is Taking Root 

When you walk into the Lowline Lab, the first thing you taste is oxygen. The Lab is hidden in an old warehouse, two blocks away from where the Lowline, a proposed underground park, is slated to open in 2020. The Lab is its prototype — part testing ground and part public sneak peek at the paradise that may one day grow under Manhattan’s streets.

The Natural Wonderland Of The Redwoods Is So Soothing

Video: Redwood National & State Parks in northern California is where some of the tallest trees in the world stand and is home to so many different species. More Than Just Parks spent several weeks inside the park capturing the forest and the beaches and the clouds and basically all the beautiful nature that exists there. It’s so soothing to watch.

New Pavement Made From Tyres Will Save Old Faithful's Groundwater

Labour Day Weekend is one of the busiest times at Yellowstone National Park, and its famous geyser, Old Faithful, reels in 90 per cent of the park’s 3.6 million annual visitors. To keep that geyser reliably spewing steam and water 43m into the air every hour or two well into the future, the park is surrounding the thing with pavement made from tyres.

I Kayaked The Part Of The Los Angeles River That Actually Looks Like A River

It was 32C at 10am when I stepped off the Orange Line in the LA neighbourhood of Van Nuys. A perfect day for the beach, or for the pool, or for positioning yourself directly beneath those little misters you can find at finer restaurants in the Valley. But I was about to embark upon a very different Los Angeles experience, one that I’d guarantee a large percentage of the city’s population doesn’t even think is possible. I was heading out on a two-hour kayak trip down the Los Angeles River.

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