Three Of The World's Prettiest Parking Garages Are In One Small City

Carparks are ugly by their very nature: they’re metal cages that take up valuable space in our cities to house our automobiles for a few high-priced hours. But not all carparks have to be ugly. In fact, three of the most beautiful are located within a few blocks of each other, in the city of Santa Monica, California.

Ugly Carparks Are Costing Cities Money

Carparks are already one of the worst things ever invented by humans — acres of buckling, blighted fields of concrete that often sit completely empty. But now a new study shows that parking is not only ugly, it’s actually making cities lose revenue.

Why The Hell Don't All Cars Have This Awesome Spare Tyre Parking System

The space tyre is sitting useless most of the time in the boot of all cars. However, back the ’50s, one inventor thought it could be put to good use to easily park cars in parallel. Why the hell didn’t this invention become standard in every single car?

New US App Wants To Fight Parking Tickets For You

It’s happened to all of us. You get back to your car after a delicious brunch or productive visit to the bookstore only to find a demonic little slip of paper tucked under your windshield wiper. “But the meter was broken!” you think. “I’m going to contest this!” you say to yourself. No, you’re not.

4 Ways To Make Better Roads And Carparks From The Ground Up

As a surface for wheels, pavement does its job well enough. Asphalt concrete is flat, smooth and solid (usually). But there is a price we pay for the convenience of paved roads and carparks everywhere — a price paid in heat, noise and polluted runoff. We went in search of better pavement and found these potential solutions.

Overhead Cams Replace Bored Humans In Honda's Driverless Valet System

If worrying about your vehicle and personal possessions has always made you hesitant about using valet parking, Honda will alleviate your fears with a new system that replaces clumsy valet drivers with overhead tracking cameras and software smart enough to juggle an entire lot full of cars.

Could GM's Tiny Self-Driving Smartcar Actually Revolutionise Cities?

The city of the future is going to be “crowded, dirty, and resource-constrained,” said Stephen J. Girsky, a vice president of GM, at CityLab, an event in Battery Park City earlier today. And that means everyone’s gonna want one of GM’s new Electric Networked Vehicles, or EN-V.

Volvo's Awesome New Autonomous Self-Parking Car Is Its Own Valet

Realising that cars that automatically parallel park themselves are old news, Volvo has taken the concept much further with a new concept vehicle that can actually find an empty spot and park itself in a lot. You just abandon your car at the entrance of a parking lot, and it takes care of the rest like a valet you never have to tip.

5 Robotic Bike Parking Systems That Solve An Urban Dilemma

The uproar over New York’s new bike share system is mostly due to very human shortcomings (one crotchety human in particular, actually). But it can also be blamed on the shortcomings of the system’s infrastructure for failing to keep the damn contraptions out of the way.

Russians Create App That Lets You Publicly Shame Parking Jerks

Apparently there’s a mild epidemic in Russia where drivers park anywhere they please, including footpaths or anyplace they can fit their vehicles. So a Russian news website, The Village, has supposedly created an app that lets citizens tattle on these jerks.