How To Build A Breast Pump That Doesn't Suck

On Sunday afternoon 10 harried but happy teams of hackers shared their inventions in Shark Tank-style five-minute presentations. The goal? To reinvent a clunky necessity of modern parenting: the breast pump.

Dad Saves A Kid From Getting Hit By Becoming Faster Than A Superhero

Old man strength. The ability to fix anything broken inside the house. The impeccable sense of direction. The never-ending wallet. Dads are basically real life superheroes.

Seeing This Dad's Saturday Mornings Will Convince You To Not Have Kids

Enjoy peace and quiet? Like it when you get to unwind? Maybe you look forward to a weekend filled with nothingness. If you have kids, all that alone time gets replaced with blaring pop music wondering what certain animals sound like and dolls getting smashed on your shoulder. Every damn day. What a wonderful trade off!

Awesome Dad Builds Giant Luge Track In His Backyard For His Family

When life gives you snow, don’t just make a snowman. Make a giant luge track in your backyard for the whole family! This dad does that every year, and the track is pretty impressive with great slopes, windy turns and expertly designed snowbanks. Just look at his whole family slide down. How fun!

Swedish Kids Say Their Parents Are Too Tech-Obsessed

In a recent study, 33 per cent of Swedish parents surveyed admitted that their phone and tablet use was a sore point with their kids. The children said that their parents spend too much time on the devices. And experts are weighing in about the developmental damage this could cause.

Dad Gives Daughter $200 Contract To Stay Off Facebook

If your kid is spending too much time on Facebook, what should you do? Cut the internet? Annoying for you. Restrict access? Not realistic. Ground them? Haha. What about a signed contract that promises to give up $200 if your kid stays off Facebook for five months? Sounds like a plan!

Belkin's WeMo Baby Monitor Turns Your iPhone Into A Babysitter

We weren’t exactly blown away with Belkin’s WeMo home automation system, but for just $US90 its new Wi-Fi enabled WeMo Baby sounds like an affordable way to keep tabs on your kids. It turns your iOS devices into portable baby monitors that work anywhere on earth — at least anywhere you have a mobile internet connection.

Is This The Best, Most Evil Parenting Trick Ever?

I don’t know who had the genius idea to put up this sticky note, but as evil as it may seem for kids all around the world, it’s the best parenting tip I’ve ever seen in today’s era of underage internet junkies.

More Mums Now Pacifying Kids With Gadgets

The Daily Mail is reporting that more than 1-in-4 mother’s — 27 per cent to be precise — will hand her cranky or bored baby a mobile phone — rather than, you know, something whose name literally means to pacify.

Mum Embarrasses Daughter On Facebook So Much She Begs For Spanking Instead

You know when you were a kid and you did some dumb kid thing, and as punishment your mum dragged you in front of your friends to embarrass you? Just be glad the internet wasn’t around back then, or you’d be begging for a butt-whoopin’ instead of digital ignominy, like this teenage troublemaker.

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