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The Idaho Government Once Forced Beavers To Skydive With WWII Parachutes

“The Saga of the Skydiving Beavers” sounds like the title for a quirky children’s book, but it’s also a fitting epitaph for a strange, true story of an unconventional approach to habitat resettlement. In 1948, Idaho’s Fish and Game service decided the best way to keep beavers away from growing urban centres was to strap them into old surplus World War II parachutes and airdrop them in the backcountry. The weirdest part of this story? It worked.

This Australian Restaurant Delivers Meals By Parachute

In the broad spectrum of goofball ideas out there, attaching piping fresh toasties to colourful little parachutes and tossing them out of a window to someone’s open arms ranks pretty highly towards the Yup, That’s Pretty Damn Silly end of things. And yet! Jafflechutes exists, and it does exactly that. What a wonderful world.

Why Don't Commercial Aeroplanes Have Parachutes For Passengers?

Seatbelts and airbags in cars save passengers lives. Parachutes save people who, for a variety of reasons, exit a plane in mid-flight. So why aren’t parachutes provided to passengers on commercial airline flights, in case of emergencies?

Insane People Walk A Line Between Hot Air Balloons Above The Clouds

Tightrope walking is terrifying on its own. If the tightrope is between hot air balloons, it gets mind-bendingly nuts. Just watch The Skyliners do it and you’ll see what I mean.

Giz Explains: How To Jump Out Of A Plane And Live To Tell About It

“It’s not the fall that kills you,” as the saying goes, “it’s the sudden stop at the end.” Humans are a rather splattery bunch when dropped from a sufficient height, but that hasn’t kept us out of the sky. Instead, we’ve spent centuries perfecting the process of controlled falling to make the stop after any fall as soft as possible. The result: the modern parachute, a canopy of silk and nylon, and engineering genius.

Wow, A Guy Plummeted 60km/h Off A 30m Cliff And Survived

Don’t watch this video. No, seriously, it’s really rough. The best thing is that Matthew Gough, the guy who plummets while base jumping, actually survived the fall with only minor injuries. He hit the ground at 60km/h from a 30m cliff because his parachute malfunctioned. The footage is taken from his helmet cam.

Pulling Your Parachute While You're Still On The Plane Is Not Fun

Wait for it. Wait for ittttt. Waaaitttt forrr itttt. Waai… and then boom, there it is. This poor guy accidentally deployed his parachute too early. So early that he was still on the plane.

Parachute Bag Collapses With A Tug

Collapsing the average reusable bag into its compact form is more challenging than most MENSA puzzles. So save yourself the frustration with Michael Pappas’ brilliant Chute bag that automatically collapses as you yank on its built-in ripcord — like a bizarro world parachute.

Speed Flying Must Be One Of The Most Exhilarating Experiences On The Planet

Witness these people speed flying down the Mont Blanc. It takes 10 minutes of pure joy and freedom to go from its summit to its base. I saw the whole video wishing I was one of them — with every cell in my body.

World's Gutsiest Guy Goes Skydiving Without Wearing A 'Chute

This is Greg Gasson, and he’s either the bravest or craziest man alive. Why? He has a habit of jumping out of planes without a parachute. Sure he brings one with him — nobody’s dumb enough to leave home without it — but it’s not like he wears the thing.

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