Video: Inside The Studio Of Amazing Papercraft Illustrators

Lobulo Design is a team that specialises in making awesome designs and illustrations with paper. This video gives you a glimpse of what they do on a daily basis and it basically looks like an awesome arts and craft class for professional artists. Imagine never having to grow up and just playing with scissors all day. This is the next level of that.

Hands On: Remote Control A Paper Plane With PowerUp 3.0

The original PowerUp kit added a mini powered motor to your favourite paper plane. Now you can remotely control your latest creation using a smartphone to create your very own paper drone.

Making A Book Completely By Hand Is Way More Impressive Than I Thought

It’s completely unnecessary and like two steps away from being a joke, but making a book by hand is a pretty impressive feat. There are so many unseen things you have to do! Like cutting the pages right, sewing them together, silkscreening for colour, glueing everything perfectly and so on.

Pencil Lines Can Turn A Piece Of Paper Into A Simple Sensor

The graphite that slips from the point of your pencil onto a page may be of more use than simply writing and drawing. A team of researchers has shown that simple pencil lines can be used as an accurate sensor to measure the deformation of objects.

Why Old Paper Turns Yellow

When I was a kid, my parents had a collection of historic old, yellowed newspapers. For example, I distinctly remember an oldWashington Post newspaper sitting on a bookshelf from July 21, 1969 with the headline “The Eagle Has Landed — Two Men Walk on the Moon.” Or a fading, brownish-yellow one from August 8, 1974 with the big headline, “Nixon Resigns.” These newspapers are fascinating artifacts documenting history, from remarkable moments to the relatively mundane. Unfortunately, they were also hard to read due to the yellowed, brown colour and fading print. So why do old newspapers — and books — turn yellow? And is there any way to prevent this from happening?

This Guy Spent 4 Years Making A Flawless Millennium Falcon Out Of Paper

So how did you spend the last four years of your life? No matter how you answer that question, it was a complete waste of time compared to Bernard Szukiel who spent four years creating this absolute masterpiece of a Millennium Falcon model using nothing but paper, glue and more patience than any single human being has ever had to muster before.

Every Single Trick To Make The Best Paper Aeroplane In The World

John Collins made the farthest-flying paper aeroplane in the recorded history of paper aeroplanes. He published a video on how to fold it in November, but that missed the key elements that made his aeroplane the very best in the world. He sent us this video that contains all the tricks you need to match his skills.

Japanese Craftsman Creates Perfect Sci-Fi Ship Replicas Using Just Paper

This is one of the most amazing craftsmen I have ever seen. He doesn’t only make the exterior of his sci-fi ships using just paper but also the guts! The level of detail is amazing — some look like perfect resin models but it’s only paper. Behold the X-Wing, TIE Interceptor, Viper Mk2, 2001’s Orion and many more!

There's Not A Single Drop Of Ink On This Subtle Embossed Calendar

When your to-do list is a mile-long and your schedule is booked solid, you’ve got enough on your mind to deal with — the last thing you need is a calendar covered in kittens to distract you. So South Korea’s O-Check Design Graphics created this incredibly clean monthly planner that doesn’t even have any calendar lines printed on it. Instead, they’re all embossed so they’re as subtle as possible.

Believe It Or Not, This Paper Scarf Will Actually Help Keep You Warm

You’ve always got a place to jot down ideas with a smartphone in hand, but can your Nexus 6 keep you warm on a cold morning? Not likely, and definitely not like this Paper Scarf from Little Factory can, while giving you 170cm of white space to scribble down notes and doodles.