These Paper Models Of Microbes And Cells Are Beautiful

Some artists find inspiration from the grand and vast, painting galaxies and taking photos of expansive landscapes. But Rogan Brown finds his inspiration through a microscope, focusing on the infinite mystery of nature’s smallest parts.

iOS 8 Will Make Drawing On Your Devices Way More Intuitive

Perfecting your artistic technique using a stylus is about to get a whole lot more refined. With the introduction of iOS 8, your screen will be sensitive to the relative width of whatever’s running across its surface. That’s great news for folks who prefer Paper and other drawing apps to, well, paper.

A Speaker That Camouflages Itself As A Paper Palm

Like it or not, most sound systems don’t exactly blend into your home’s decor. You can try buying a pair of speakers in a matching tint, or mount it near the ceiling so it’s less obvious, but they rarely are. Phonon’s Kamone could be your safest bet. It looks like a houseplant, but it actually produces sound — and not just the rustling of leaves.

Why Is Toilet Paper Always White?

Toilet paper is an odd thing. Despite the fact that we often rub it against one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies on a daily basis, very little thought is ever given to where it came from or how it’s made. (On that note, it might surprise you to learn that toilet paper wasn’t commonly used in the United States until the early 20th century and even later in many countries.)

An Origami Razor Uses The Power Of Paper Cuts To Shave

Half of what makes a paper cut so annoying and awful is that it comes from a seemingly safe and innocuous material. But designer Nadeem Haidary wants to change your opinion on the much hated accidental paper cut by harnessing it for good through an origami razor that can purportedly shave faces.

These Sushi Notepads Will Remind You To Pick Up Dinner

Sushi is a treacherous food to eat at a desk because of the potential splash factor — shirt-front soy sauce is not a good look. The good news: That will never be a problem with these adorable Nigiri notes! The bad news: You can’t eat them.

Create Instant Hot Wheels Tracks With A Roll Of Road

The only downside to that giant web of plastic Hot Wheels tracks criss-crossing your child’s playroom is that they’re essentially a permanent installation. So if you find yourself visiting family and need some place for die-cast cars to cruise, this 50m roll of instant drag strip should fit the bill.

It's Time To Ditch Facebook And Start Over

Most of us have had Facebook accounts for the past few years, if not a decade. But time and bloat have turned once-beloved font of nostalgia into an onslaught of faux-sentimental sludge from strangers. So as Facebook stands poised to break itself into a bunch of different apps, we say to you: Screw it. It’s time to start fresh.

Scientists Genetically Modified Trees So They Can Make Greener Paper

Wood scientists just announced an exciting breakthrough in tree research. They have come up with a way to make more environmentally friendly paper — by genetically modifying trees. And it’s not just the paper industry that will benefit.

Field Notes' New Notebooks Have Real Wood Covers, And You Can Buy Them In Australia

Field Notes’ new line of notebooks may be mass-produced, but that doesn’t mean they’re all identical. With covers made of thinly sliced American Cherry wood, each Shelterwood edition’s cover is a completely unique natural beauty. And they’ll be sold in Australia… probably.