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Super Fun Stop Motion Animation Turns Paper Into Delicious Food

Video: These stop motion short animations show what it’s like to turn paper into things like penne with meatballs or a bowl of ramen or a banana split. They’re so damn clever and fun that it hurts my cheeks when I watch them.

Mail Your Friends The Universe With An Envelope Full Of Constellations

If you still believe that a hand-written letter carries more emotional weight than an auto-generated response to a text message, these star-filled envelopes will even let you send an entire galaxy to your friends and loved ones — if they peer inside.

The Art Of Making Impossibly Thin Gold Leaves From A Tiny Piece Of Gold

Video: Gold is so malleable that a single gram of it can be stretched into a strip around 3km long. A tiny little coin can be pressed into a 0.0001mm-thin golden rectangular sheet the size of a tatami mat. So leave it to the talented artisans of Japan to transform a tiny bit of gold into shimmering gold leaf that’s so thin, it’s almost translucent.

How Many Times Can You Fold A Piece Of Aluminium Foil?

Video: Everyone knows you can’t fold a piece of paper more than seven or eight times (even though the world record is 12). It’s just one of those silly things that stick from primary school and become law. But what if you were folding aluminium foil? And what if you had the assistance of the almighty hydraulic press? You can fold pretty much forever!

Classic Video Games Awesomely Recreated Using Paper Cutouts Of Stock Images

Video: After seeing these paper versions of classic video games, I kind of wish I could play them all. Mystery Guitar Man used stop-motion animation and paper cutouts of stock images to recreate games like Donkey Kong, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario Kart, and more. It’s fun to see the video games of our childhood done over in paper, as if it adds another layer of nostalgia to them.

Take A Trip Through 40,000 Years Of London's History With This Papercraft Video

Video: This is so cool: National Geographic has put together a neat video composed entirely of paper that gives you a brief primer of London’s history, starting 40,000 years ago.

Making Every Part Of A Book From Scratch Is So Much More Work Than I Thought

Video: A book is a very simple thing, right? It’s just a bunch of paper with some scribbles. But if you wanted to make a book from scratch, it’s basically an impossible task. Watch as Andy George from How to Make Everything chops wood, strips papyrus, makes glue from hide, carves out a pencil from a stick and makes a brush from horse hair. It’s a really intensive process to get paper from natural materials.

These Remarkably Detailed Paper Aeroplanes Actually Fly

Despite what you may have learned in school behind your teacher’s back, paper aeroplanes don’t have to be completely featureless and boring. With the right materials, or these kits from Huntly’s Paper Warplanes, they can actually look like real-life aircraft and still be able to glide across a room.

You Need A Surgeon's Skills To Build A Tiny Working V8 Engine From Paper

Video: The real thing can weigh upwards of 272kg, but the V8 engine Aliaksei Zholner built would barely register on a scale because it’s only slightly larger than a ping-pong ball and made from nothing but paper and glue.

How Much Paper Does It Take To Stop A 50 Cal Machine Gun?

Video: Reams of paper make for pretty good bullet proof material. It’s just layers and layers of protection! But what happens when it’s a 50 cal machine gun that’s shooting at paper? How many reams does it take to stop that ridiculously giant and powerful bullet? About 7! Which is like, 3500 sheets of paper.

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