Australian Government Minister Admits P2P File Sharing Isn't Always A Bad Thing

When the Australian government is determined to side with content providers rather than consumers, it’s a little surprising to hear a government minister admit that file sharing isn’t always a bad thing. But that happened this morning.

US Judge: P2P File Sharing Data Isn't Private

If you think your peer-to-peer file sharing can be kept under wraps, think again. A US judge has ruled that we should have no expectation whatsoever that our P2P data is ever private.

Netflix: Where We Set Up Shop, Torrenting Drops

The Chief Content Officer of streaming giant Netflix claims the modern trend for easily streaming legal content is impacting on the more hardcore Bittorrent scene, with pirate traffic dropping in countries when Netflix switches on its servers. According to Netflix’s Ted Sarandos, this is because “…people are mostly honest.”

Download BitTorrent Files From Your Browser With BitTorrent Surf Beta

Yo ho yo ho, a pirate’s life for me. And for you! And for everyone! Because downloading BitTorrent files just got a lot easier. BitTorrent is finally pushing its torrenting browser plug-in, BitTorrent Surf, to beta for you to try.

The Pirate Bay Is Now The World's Number One File-Sharing Site

While The Pirate Bay is certainly notorious, it’s always oddly lingered in the mid-table when it comes to real-world file sharing. However, according to fresh analysis by Torrent Freak, the site has now sailed into the top spot as the world’s most-used file-sharing site.

BitTorrent's P2P Streaming Is Here To Take The Lag Out Of Live Video

Livestreams are great and all, but they’re all subject to a terrible reality: the more people who want to watch, the more likely it is the stream goes down. BitTorrent’s P2P streaming service BitTorrent Live stands to change all that by actually drawing strength from the crowd, and it’s here to start shaking up the scene.

The Pirate Bay Leaves Sweden Over Legal Threats

The Pirate Bay is leaving Sweden because pressure from a local anti-piracy group representing the entertainment industry is getting too much for it. Instead, The Pirate Bay will be hosted across Norway and Spain, reports Torrent Freak.

Telstra To Trial Throttling, Packet Inspection To Stop Piracy

Heads-up all you naughty pirates: Telstra is coming for you. It’s coming to slow down your P2P traffic and analyse your traffic to stop rampant online piracy.

Blocking Pirate Bay On A National Level Doesn't Affect P2P Traffic

Two months ago, the Netherlands and UK governments ordered ISPs to block The Pirate Bay. Now, figures from a number of ISPs confirm exactly what we knew, although the governments didn’t: it doesn’t make any difference whatsoever to P2P traffic.

US Judge Rules You Can't Be (Definitively) Identified By Your IP Address

Common sense dictates that an IP address is just a number associated with a connection and not a human being. Copyright crusaders aren’t exactly known for loads of common sense and rationality. Thankfully, a New York judge has ruled that an IP address alone is not enough to pin illegal downloads on a specific person.