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Telstra NBN And ADSL Outages Are Still Not Fixed

Despite the telco’s assurances that last week’s huge outages have been fixed, many customers across the country are still unable to connect to their NBN and ADSL services. Service is gradually returning, with Telstra advising customers to regularly cycle their modems to attempt to connect to the network, but it’s been a rough four days for Telstra in a year that’s been full of major outages.

iiNet Is Experiencing Serious Disruptions To Key Services Today

Problems on iiNet’s network that started this morning at around 4am still haven’t been resolved, and a subsequent crash of the company’s contact centre has only added to customers’ frustrations. Ten hours on, the company’s website suggests that a fix may be as many as three hours away.

Dodo Internet Service Dead Around The Country

Flying high with Dodo as your ISP? Not today you’re not: Dodo customers have been grounded today with an issue affecting both dial-up and DSL customers all over Australia.

Vodafone Offering Free Data All Weekend To Apologise For Outage

Both Vodafone and Optus suffered severe network headaches yesterday, leaving customers without calls, SMS or internet functionality around Australia. By way of an apology, Vodafone is giving its customers free data all weekend.

Optus And Vodafone Are Experiencing Mobile Network Outages Right Now [Updated]

Wondering why your phone has been on the fritz all day? If you’re an Optus or Vodafone customer, there’s a reason: rolling outages are affecting the whole goddamn country across both carriers. Are they linked? Updated

Looks Like Facebook Is Broken Right Now

Monday morning got off to a rough start for Facebook, where users reported widespread difficulty updating their status, liking and commenting on posts. The extent of the outage is so far unclear, but if Twitter whining is any indication, it’s affecting just about everybody worldwide. Update: It’s back!

Syria Dropped Off The Face Of The Internet Again

Last week, Syria completely disappeared from the Internet, and not for the first time either. Since then, it poked its head back out into cyberspace, but not for long; Google’s Transparency Report is showing that it’s gone again.

Pirate Bay Is Down Across The Globe

If you sketchily poked on over to The Pirate Bay to do a little downloading of legal, quasi-legal, or outright illegal downloading recently, you may have noticed you can’t get through. No, your ISP hasn’t started blocking it; it’s down for everyone, everywhere. Proxies too.

Wikipedia Outage Was Caused By Cut Cables

Wikipedia went down for a couple of hours yesterday. The reason? Someone managed to sever the fibre cables connecting the site’s servers in Florida.

Telstra's Final Word On Thursday’s Outage

Last Thursday sure was a weird day for the Internet in Australia. For about 45 minutes, connections to Australia’s largest ISP went down – with some involvement by Dodo – and as you’d expect, lots of people noticed. Especially when ISPs like iiNet and services like internet banking were affected. Telstra issued several statements to Gizmodo as events unfolded, and have now provided what will likely be their definitive statement on the matter.

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