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This Insanely Detailed Model Used To Plot Bin Laden's Death Took Six Weeks To Build

This is the once-classified model of Osama Bin Laden’s compound — the one used to plan the US Navy SEAL raid against the terrorist leader. From a distance, this model could be a piece you’d see in a museum, but in the details you’ll see the painstaking work that went into the tool that helped kill the devil lying inside.

Email Confused Osama, And 5 Other Revelations From The Bin Laden Files

Osama bin Laden may have been the evil mastermind behind the world’s most successful terrorist group. But in his final days, he sounded more and more like your great aunt Henrietta: nagging his subordinates for not hating America enough — the terrorist equivalent of telling the kids to get off his lawn — and getting awfully confused about this whole email thing.

This Treasure Hunter Says He Has Located Bin Laden's Body

That smiling guy is Bill Warren, the Californian treasure hunter who claimed he was searching for Osama Bin Laden’s dead body back in June 2011. He didn’t find him then, but now he claims he has located the cadaver.

This Memo Killed Osama Bin Laden

The pen is mightier than the Seal Team 6, or something like that. Read the letter that officially made Bin Laden a dead man, straight off of CIA letterhead.

Pakistan To Demolish Bin Laden's Compound

Osama Bin Laden may have gone out with a whimper but his secret lair in Islamabad will soon be going out with a bang. A rocket-propelled bang, that is.

The Pentagon Tells Gizmodo It Has No Osama Raid Evidence

Months ago, I asked the Pentagon for its visual records of Osama bin Laden’s sea burial under the Freedom of Information Act. Today, I received a thick packet of No — a complete denial that any records exist. Read it.

Bad Taste? Obama Kills Osama Collectible Figurine

Behold the Obama Kill Osama Collectible Figurine! There’s even a video with matching horrible soundtrack. You are welcome.

Did The SEALS Who Shot Bin Laden Have Helmet Cams?

Remember how Navy SEAL Team Six caught the entire raid on Bin Laden’s compound on helmet cams? Yeah, well, that may not have happened. It’s just one of multiple unexplained discrepancies from the raid.

Earthquake Caused More Twitter Traffic Than Bin Laden's Death

What happens when you mix a relatively mild seismic event with an extremely dense population of the tech-savvy and self-centred east coast? Twitter-splosion! Yesterday’s quake let loose 5500 tweets per second, beating Dead Osama and tying Fukushima’s 9.0. Priorities!

US Says China Photographed Secret Bin Laden Kill-Copter

That mostly intact tail of the top secret stealth helicopter that helped kill Osama? According to US intelligence figures, Pakistan gave China full access as revenge for the raid — including photos, and chunks of the damn thing, the NYT reports.

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