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You Should Take Better Care Of Your Phone

Opinion: The 24-month phone contract is dead, writes News.com.au. Phone plans go out of date quickly, leaving their buyers stuck with small data quotas. But there’s also the fact that new smartphones, bundled with these plans, are apparently a Bad Idea — because they can be lost, or damaged, or stolen.

It’s that last point that is particularly galling.

Optus Prepaid Customers Can Now Stream Music Quota-Free

If you’re an Optus prepaid customer, there’s no reason to download your Spotify playlists to your phone any more. New and existing prepaid customers on Australia’s second largest mobile network will have uncapped, quota-free streaming of half a dozen different music services including Spotify and Google Play Music.

ACCC Sets New Prices For Behind-The-Scenes Telco Backhaul Data

The cost to ISPs for wholesale data is getting cheaper every year. That’s the gist of the ACCC’s just-released report into domestic transport capacity, which says that the cost of high-speed telco backhaul has fallen as much as 78 per cent for long distance routes. Australia’s favourite national outpost Tasmania remains the thorn in the side of ISPs everywhere, though, with a new charge levied for the skinny pipes (and Basslink) running from the mainland.

Optus Is Cutting 480 Jobs To Focus On 'Content'

Optus is making up to 480 jobs redundant across Australia in a move to streamline its business. “Sustainable growth” is the company’s buzzword for the cuts, but they come at a time when Vodafone and Telstra are pressuring their competitor and attracting customers away with competitive mobile plans.

Here's The Cheapest Apple iPhone SE Plan You Can Buy In Australia

We’ve checked Australia’s major mobile telcos, and the verdict is in: a mere $46 per month will secure you the cheapest iPhone SE plan in Australia. Here it is, as well as every other plan for you to compare.

Optus Is Giving Free Wi-Fi To Uber Passengers

Optus is teaming up with Uber in Australia, and will install in-car wi-fi using the Optus 4G Plus network for passengers to use in some Uber cars. When you’re catching a quick ride across the city in Sydney or Melbourne, you might be lucky enough to get some free data along the way.

Optus Is Offering Free Calls To Belgium

Optus customers wanting to contact family and friends following the tragic events in Brussels will be able to make free calls to Belgium throughout March.

Australia's Site-Blocking Laws Are Being Tested For The First Time In Court Today

Back in February last year, legislation was passed that allowed content rights holders to apply for an order to block websites that facilitate piracy in Australia. Today, Foxtel and Village Roadshow are setting a precedent in court as the first parties applying to block Australians’ access to The Pirate Bay, SolarMovie, Torrentz, TorrentHound and IsoHunt websites.

'Cash By Optus' Works, But May Have Limited Appeal

Optus have launched a new way to pay for things with the “Cash by Optus” range which promises “no more scraping for change or digging through your bag, simply grab your phone or payment accessory, wave and pay.”

Only available to Optus customers, with a number of contactless device payment options, we tried it out to see if it does what it says on the box.

Samsung Galaxy S7: Australian Review

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 is out noww, in electronics stores all across Australia. It’s $1149, and you’ll pay $1249 for the larger S7 edge. What do you get for all that money? Is this new phone worth it?

Yes, it’s worth it. The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are — equally — two of the best phones Samsung has ever made.

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