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Ombudsman Report Shows Telco Complaints Are Down

A report that details the number of new landline, mobile and internet complaints the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) receives, as a as a proportion of telecommunications services in operation (SIO), has shown an overall decrease in complaints by almost 13 per cent.

Government Just Sold $543 Million Of Mobile Spectrum

The results of the Federal Government’s recent auction of a large chunk of the 1800MHz band of the Australian radiofrequency spectrum have been announced: Telstra and Optus each spent nearly $200 million on securing more bandwidth, while TPG and Vodafone also splashed out with multi-million dollar investments. The 2015 auction should see Australia’s 4G networks in regional areas get faster and cover wider areas.

The First Android-Powered Blackberry Launching Is Tomorrow In Australia

From tomorrow, PRIV by BlackBerry — the first-ever BlackBerry smartphone powered by Android — will be available in Australia. “While PRIV will provide a choice in operating system to new and existing customers,” Blackberry said in a statement, “the company remains committed to the BlackBerry 10 operating system, and will continue to release platform updates focused on security and privacy enhancements”.

New Optus Prepaid Plans Have Ridiculously Cheap Data

Optus has always tempted customers in with more data than its larger rival Telstra, and the new My Prepaid Ultimate plan is no different. With a double data promotion running until the start of May, as well as unlimited international calls to 10 different countries, this looks like the cheapest plan for data-hungry users that don’t want to sign up to a lengthy 12- or 24-month contract.

This Week's Biggest NBN And Telco News: NBN Ads From An Alternate Future

Here’s where we round up all the Aussie news around the ‘net about the ‘net, every week. Check in here for a quick primer on everything from piracy to privacy to data retention and the NBN.

Usain Bolt Is The New Face Of Optus

He goes fast, Optus’ network goes fast…get it? In an Australian first, Olympian Usain Bolt has struck a deal with a local brand. He is to appear in documentary-style Optus advertising across TV, digital and retail with the wider theme of “Relentless Improvement”.

This Week's Biggest NBN And Telco News: Telstra Rolls Out Copper Instead Of Fibre

Here’s where we round up all the Aussie news around the ‘net about the ‘net, every week. Check in here for a quick primer on everything from piracy to privacy to data retention and the NBN.

Dan From Optus Politely Schools Racists On Facebook

In the face of unrelenting racist evil on social media, Dan from Optus is a shining beacon of hope.

NBN Might Have To Replace Optus' Messy, Broken Cable Network

Remember the cool $800 million NBN Co dropped on buying the Optus HFC network? Leaked documents have revealed that the NBN Co is thinking about replacing it entirely. Why? Because it’s such crappy infrastructure.

TIO Complaints Are Down, But Only For Some Telcos

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman released its latest Complaints In Context report yesterday, and while the continuing trend sees overall complaints dropping further, the news is better for some telcos than others. Telstra, continuing a steady trend of decreasing complaints, saw complaints drop from 7.1 in every 10,000 to 6. Vodafone has dropped all the way down from 19.3 to 6.3, while Optus has seen a rise from 5.4 to 8.5 complaints in every 10,000 services in operation.

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