Optus Overhauls Pre-Paid Offerings To Give You A Pretty Sweet Deal

The new pre-paid offerings come with a nice, long expiry time of six months for any credit applied to the service, low international rates with no flagfall and 4G coverage across the board. 4G was only available on certain pre-paid plans.

The Price Is Right: Should You Buy The iPhone 5c Or iPhone 5?

When Apple rolled out the bright lights and party favours for the new iPhone launch, we were lucky enough to get not one, but two new iPhones: the flagship 5s and the colourful 5c. The 5c is still almost a carbon copy of the iPhone 5 under the hood, so which one should you buy? A used iPhone 5 or a shiny new iPhone 5c?

Optus Switches On 700MHz 4G Spectrum For Darwin And Perth

If you live in Darwin or Perth, you have a reason to look down on everyone from the East: as of now, those capitals’ CBDs have newly improved Optus 4G coverage as a pilot of Australia’s second largest telco’s rollout of its recently acquired 700MHz mobile network spectrum.

Telstra Customers Will Struggle For Coverage At Splendour In The Grass 2014

Getting your tent ready for this year’s Splendour In The Grass music festival? It might be worth picking up an Optus or Vodafone SIM while you’re at it: Telstra users are going to struggle for coverage at the event.

Optus And Vodafone Are Experiencing Mobile Network Outages Right Now [Updated]

Wondering why your phone has been on the fritz all day? If you’re an Optus or Vodafone customer, there’s a reason: rolling outages are affecting the whole goddamn country across both carriers. Are they linked? Updated

Optus Sets Launch Dates For 700Mhz And 2500MHz 4G Networks

We’ve heard lots from Optus about testing of its 700MHz and 2500MHz 4G networks, but actual details on when consumers would be able to use those frequencies on compatible devices have been thin on the ground. Now those plans are finally beginning to firm up.

Optus's New Plans Combine Data For Your Smartphone And Tablet

As of today, there’s no reason to pay a second bill for mobile Internet access on your tablet. Optus has announced a number of new plans that let customers pay one combined fee for mobile network access on multiple devices — like a smartphone and a tablet — without any additional charges.

Optus Now Supports Direct Billing For Google Play

Briefly: Not enough credit on your Google Play account? Don’t worry, if you’re an Optus customer, you now have another way to pay.

This Week In Smartphone Software Updates: Telstra, Optus, Vodafone

Wondering when the sweet new versions of Android will land on your device? You’re in luck: each week, Gizmodo Australia will take you through all of the handset updates currently being tested on Australian networks like Vodafone, Telstra and Optus, and tell you when you can expect them on your device.

Europe Is Shaming Australian Telcos By Scrapping Roaming Fees

As a general rule, our major mobile operators don’t handle international roaming well. Burn through your data on Telstra 4G roaming in Hong Kong and you’re up for at least $50 per second. Optus is little better. Vodafone’s Roam Like Home plans go a small way to fixing the problem, but there’s a simpler solution that European parliament is about to pass — no roaming fees whatsoever.

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