Telstra Hits Back At Optus' Next-Gen 4G Claims

“Correction”. That’s what Telstra had to say about Optus’ claim earlier today that it has launched Australia’s first LTE-Advanced mobile data network.

Optus Is The First Aussie Telco To Switch On Next-Gen 4G

We’re on the cusp of even faster 4G networks being rolled out across the country, helping you burn through your measly quotas quicker than ever. Optus is the first of Australia’s big three mobile phone networks to switch on 4G carrier aggregation in Australia, doing so today in most state capitals. But there’s one problem — which phones and 4G hotspots support the brand new tech?

So, Optus Sold A Few iPhones Today, Huh?

It seems like everyone in Australia went out to buy an iPhone today. Official counts of the numbers of Apple’s latest smartphone handsets sold are still yet to appear, but sources have told us that at least one telco has exhausted its stocks. Optus sold an insane amount of iPhones over the first few hours of this morning.

iPhone Day 2014: Here's Every Store Launch In The Country

Need to get your iPhone 6 fix tomorrow morning but don’t want to comb through stupid telco websites to find out who’s open when? Don’t stress. Lifehacker Australia has painstakingly combed through it all for you to find every store that’s opening early around the nation selling the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Check it out. [Lifehacker]

Who Has The Best Value iPhone 6 Plan In Australia?

So you’re buying an iPhone 6. Good for you! New gadgets are always fun. Heed this warning, however: just because you’re seduced by the shiny doesn’t mean you should bankrupt yourself making it yours. Here’s the absolute cheapest way to get yourself a new iPhone 6 on a plan in Australia.

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus: Optus Official Pricing

After going early with some price details, we’ve now got the full details on Optus’ iPhone 6 plans.

Optus Will Now Subsidise The Cost Of Switching Your Mobile From Another Telco

Telcos want your mobile phone business. No surprise there. What is interesting are the various deals, offers and promotions they come up with to tempt you away from your current provider. Contracts usually dictate one’s willingness to switch camps — in particular exit fees and paying out the cost of your device. Optus, as a Father’s Day gift of sorts, has announced it’s happy to pay some of the costs associated with jumping ship, as long as that ship is its, of course.

Optus Overhauls Pre-Paid Offerings To Give You A Pretty Sweet Deal

The new pre-paid offerings come with a nice, long expiry time of six months for any credit applied to the service, low international rates with no flagfall and 4G coverage across the board. 4G was only available on certain pre-paid plans.

The Price Is Right: Should You Buy The iPhone 5c Or iPhone 5?

When Apple rolled out the bright lights and party favours for the new iPhone launch, we were lucky enough to get not one, but two new iPhones: the flagship 5s and the colourful 5c. The 5c is still almost a carbon copy of the iPhone 5 under the hood, so which one should you buy? A used iPhone 5 or a shiny new iPhone 5c?

Optus Switches On 700MHz 4G Spectrum For Darwin And Perth

If you live in Darwin or Perth, you have a reason to look down on everyone from the East: as of now, those capitals’ CBDs have newly improved Optus 4G coverage as a pilot of Australia’s second largest telco’s rollout of its recently acquired 700MHz mobile network spectrum.

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