Optus Scraps Qantas Frequent Flyer Points Partnership For Customers

Optus is killing its partnership with Qantas Frequent Flyer, meaning that customers paying their bills with the telco will no longer earn them reward points on the Aussie airline.

Optus Wants Netflix To Pay For 'Premium Service'

It begins. The first salvo in the local net neutrality battle has been fired in Australia, with Optus saying it wants Netflix to pay to make sure its streams arrive at customer computers safely.

Netflix Regrets Streaming Deals With Optus And iiNet

If you’re an Optus or iiNet customer, I hope you’re loving every minute of unmetered Netflix streaming, because the streaming giant that signed the deal in the first place hates it.

I Wanted To Write A Post About How Crap This Optus Ad Is But I'm Putting The Same Effort Into It As They Did

It’s a post about a stupid ad that you might watch and probably won’t like if you do. There you go.

Buying A New Smartphone? Here's What You Need To Know

It’s flagship phone season, which means that many of you will be hitting your the market to see if you can pick up some new smartphone shiny! Here’s everything you need to know before you buy.

NBN Co Is Testing HFC Cable Delivery In These Four Suburbs

Part of the new multi-technology mix National Broadband Network, the NBN Co is folding the hybrid-fibre coaxial networks of Optus and Telstra into the rollout. In a bid to prove that these work, the company has announced four suburbs across New South Wales and Queensland that will be test sides for the new NBN HFC service.

Sign Up To Optus, Get Free Netflix

Netflix is launching in Australia in a couple of weeks, so it’s good timing for Optus to get on board with streaming video. If you’re a new or re-contracting Optus customer — whether it’s for home broadband, or for postpaid or prepaid mobile or mobile broadband — you can pick yourself up a free Netflix subscription.

Get NetFlix On Xbox 360 and Xbox One at Launch

Netflix is finally coming to Australia on March 24. Microsoft has made sure your Xbox is ready to stream your favourite TV shows and movies from the get go and even has an exclusive free bundle with new purchases.

Cash By Optus Smartwatch: Australian Hands On

Forget waiting for Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay or anything else Pay-branded in Australia. Cash by Optus is working on wearable support, and we’ve been testing it on the ground here at Mobile World Congress. Can Optus solve the wearable payments conundrum once and for all?

Optus Has A Smartwatch That Lets You Pay For Stuff

It’s a hot year for payments in Australia. Apple, Samsung and Google are all about to launch themselves back into the ring to be your new bestie when it comes to mobile payments, and now Optus is in the ring as well with a smartwatch that acts like a Visa debit card.

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