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LG Optimus G-Pad 8.3 Australian Hands-On: Identity Crisis

LG isn’t exactly known for its tablets, so you can imagine our surprise when we discovered the LG Optimus G-Pad 8.3-inch tablet on the stand at IFA 2013 in Berlin. What the hell is it, you ask?

LG Optimus G Australian Review: Fantastically Forgettable

LG wants to shed its image as a supplier of dinky pre-paid handsets, and decided to build the Optimus G: a phone it has dubbed the “superphone”. Naff buzzwords aside, is the Optimus G any good?

LG Optimus G Gets Priced On Telstra

The LG Optimus G will finally come out next month, making it six months since the phone premiered in South Korea. Telstra have finally priced the Optimus G while at the same time opening pre-orders.

LG Optimus G Coming In March, Exclusive To Telstra

All the details have been ironed out for LG’s new “superphone”, the Optimus G, to enter the local market. It’s going to be Telstra exclusive and you’ll have to wait until March to get your hands on it. Does this sound like madness to anyone else?

Can’t Buy a Nexus 4? Hack an LG Optimus G Into One Instead

A hack has been released that lets users turn an LG Optimus G into a perfect simulation of a Nexus 4, removing LG’s custom interface from the Optimus G and sticking it on the standard, untouched default Android code we see on Nexus devices.

The Most Important Phones Of 2012

The smartphone market of 2012 has seen some heated competition. The usual contenders all released solid hardware. But the dynamic between them changed, too — Windows Phone arrived as a serious third OS option, and 2012 ended with exciting new models of iPhone and Android devices. Here’s a look at the best new products people put in their pockets this year.

LG Optimus G Australian Hands-On: Wish You Were Here

A couple of months ago, we railed against LG for waiting so long to bring out the awesome-looking new Optimus G. It’s a 4G-powerhouse that we’ll be waiting until early next year to get our hands on. After putting the handset through its paces yesterday, it’s worth the wait. Read on to find out who is to blame for the delay. Oooh you’ll be right-mad, you will.

LG Optimus G Review: A Speedster That Gets In Its Own Way

Say this for the Optimus G: it doesn’t skimp. LG went for broke to shake off its mid-range reputation, cramming its latest flagship Android phone full of goodies. But specs don’t always equal performance.

LG Optimus G Hands-On: Like Megan Fox Wrapped In A Sack

LG wanted to build a superphone. Good idea. So LG crammed it with the nastiest specs we’ve seen on a mobile device. We were excited. We got to play with it today… and they covered that beauty in one of the ugliest skins we’ve seen. C’mon, guys!

LG Announces Incredible-Looking New 4G Smartphone For Australia...With A Catch

LG this week announced that the Optimus G — a 4.7-inch, quad core smartphone with 2GB of RAM and Android Jelly Bean — would go on sale in Korea next week. The manufacturer then announced that Australia would be getting it, too. ‘Oh great!’, said I. ‘When will we get it?’, I asked. The answer took me a little by surprise.

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