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Opinion: Australian Government's 'Parcel Tax' Won't Help Aussie Businesses Or Consumers

Opinion: At the Australian treasurers’ tax summit today, one topic on the table has already been agreed on in principle: cutting the $1000 threshold for collecting goods and services tax on parcels bought online internationally by Aussies. Choice is calling it a “parcel tax”.

Aussie Banks Bitching Between Each Other Over Apple Pay Is Bonkers

Attention finance CEOs and CIOs. I’m putting my own money down on this one. If you enable Apple Pay, I’ll buy you a beer. If you don’t, I’ll leave your bank so I can get it. Either way, my money is on the line, and it’s time for you lot to stop fighting.

The Speed Delusion: Why Australia's Netflix Speeds Are Acceptable Compared To The Rest Of The World

You live in Australia and your internet sucks, but it could be a lot worse than you think. Once you step back and take a look at the bigger picture, you realise that Australia’s average Netflix speed is actually quite good.

Opinion: The National Broadband Network Is Boring

You may have noticed that we don’t really write about the National Broadband Network much anymore. That’s because it’s boring. Really boring.

Why I Suddenly Care About Blackberry

For the last month or so, I’ve been reading lots of stories about a Blackberry smartphone running Android. Today, a Blackberry/Android partnership seems even more certain. Blackberry has seen better days, so we can expect a last-ditch effort. What I didn’t expect is having so many feels about it.

The Biggest Problem With Apple Music Right Now

After using it for a whole week, I was going to write a review of Apple Music for you all to read. Instead, I’ve come undone. The biggest problem with Apple Music isn’t the catalogue, it isn’t the sound, it isn’t even the everything-old-is-new-again radio station Beats 1. It’s the menus.

NSW Should Embrace Uber, Not Fight It Says State Opposition Leader

Luke Foley is the Leader of the NSW Opposition, and he thinks it’s time for the State’s Government to surrender its war on Uber and embrace the so-called Sharing Economy.

Let's Stop Pretending That Piracy Is Killing Big Hollywood Blockbusters

This weekend was massive for blockbuster movies, and it’s time to face facts: piracy isn’t killing Hollywood as much as Hollywood would have us believe.

Opinion: International Roaming Is Still Stupidly Broken

I’m in Taipei this week to cover the annual Computex convention, and like an idiot, I brought my smartphone thinking I could get a good deal on roaming through my carrier. As it turns out, I can’t. Somehow after Aussie telcos spent a year of trying to fix it, international roaming is still stupidly broken.

Opinion: There's An App For Everything, And That's (Probably) Good

Earlier this week, I found myself grumbling at the mere existence of Periscope for Android, the latest platform release of Twitter’s live video streaming app. I don’t like Periscope, and I don’t get it.

But it’s a good thing that it exists, and the same is true of every app out there — all 1.5 million of them on the Google Play Store and all 1.5 million on the Apple App Store. Even the very-much-third-placed Windows Phone has hundreds of thousands of apps of all shapes and sizes available. You might not like the fact that they exist, but you should be aware that someone out there does.

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