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NASA's About To Release A Mother Lode Of Free Software

If you’ve been thinking about getting started on the rocket project that’s been on your mind for ages, now is a good time to get serious. Next week, NASA will release a massive software catalogue with over 1000 projects. It’s not the first time the space agency’s released code, but it is the first time they have made it so easy.

You Can Now Download All Of DARPA's Open Source Code From One Place

From robots to mind-reading, new programming languages to advanced communication systems, DARPA has fingers in many, many pies. And now, it’s making all its open source code available by publishing the DARPA Open Catalogue.

Why The World Needs OpenStreetMap

Every time I tell someone about OpenStreetMap, they inevitably ask “Why not use Google Maps?”. From a practical standpoint, it’s a reasonable question, but ultimately this is not just a matter of practicality, but of what kind of society we want to live in. I discussed this topic in a 2008 talk on OpenStreetMap I gave at the first MappingDC meeting. Here are many of same concepts, but expanded.

You Could Build This Metal 3D Printer For $1500

One of the limitations of 3D printing is in the materials — plastic might be the most affordable and widely available, but it’s also cheap and brittle. So some students at Michigan Tech University have made a relatively cheap metal 3D printer, and they’re releasing the plans to the masses.

The Microsoft Privacy Pro The NSA Turned Into A Conspiracy Theorist

Caspar Bowden spent nearly a decade working for Microsoft, where he held the position of chief privacy adviser. He says he knew nothing of the PRISM data sharing scheme while there, a fact that’s turned him into a code-examining member of the paranoid elite.

The Individual Contributions To OpenStreetMap, Visualised

OpenStreetMap has been diving deep into its historical data recently, but this visualisation is particularly amazing: it shows the work of all the individual users who studiously update the mapping service.

You Can Download Your Next Desk From This Open-Source IKEA

IKEA is not the only place you can get a build-your-own-furniture puzzle. If you’re into the whole open source thing, there’s a new repository of completely free furniture designs that are ripe for the downloadin’. The only hurdle? You have to actually make the pieces before you can put ‘em together.

HBO Might Have Just Accidentally Stumbled Upon An Effective Anti-Piracy Weapon

Game Of Thrones is such a double-edged sword for HBO: it must be great to have one of the world’s most popular shows, but it must be so frustrating to have everyone pirate it and have no way to stop it. This morning, however, HBO might have just stumbled upon the greatest anti-piracy weapon: take-down notices aimed squarely at VLC Media Player.

Ouya: The Gizmodo Reader Review

Last week I received my Ouya after nearly a year of naysayers saying that it will never come to fruition but I do have to admit that is was more a case of “ooh look…shiny” (which is an issue of mine) then truly believing it as a innovative game console that is open to new developers to get their feet in the door to the world of video games.

Download Mozilla's Open-Source Furniture To Kit Out Your Home

If you’re struggling to find the right furniture for your place, consider making your own — from Mozilla’s very own pool of open-source designs.