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Apple Is Amazing, Awesome, Beautiful, Incredible, Unbelievable

But hey, don’t take it from me, just watch this adjective-only version of the latest iPod event. [YouTube via Fortune]

Hitler Rants About iPod Touch's Missing Camera

Hitler is not very happy with the iPod touch camera situation. I can’t blame him, actually. He makes a pretty good case, touching all the bases.

People Are Barking Up The Wrong Tree On iPod Touch Camera Case

Some sites are saying that Jobs lied to Pogue on his reasons for the camera-less iPod touch. I would be the first one to point out Steve’s lies, but this time it seems they are getting it wrong.

This Is Either A Teardown Or A Sadist Blinding An iPod Nano 5G

Azzparently, if you want to open an iPod nano fifth generation, you will need an old school razor. That has to hurt, in a un chien andalou kind of way.

All The Aussie iPod Info In One Handy Place

In case you missed it, Apple announced new updated iPods overnight. Here are all the local details…

Steve Jobs Gives His Reasons For Lack Of Camera In iPod Touch

There are quite a few reasons for the iPod touch not having a camera. Speaking to David Pogue, the Steverino himself picks a couple of them:

Are You Disappointed That The iPod Touch Didn't Get A Camera?

The big news from Apple’s It’s Only Rock and Roll event today was the fact that the camera wound up on the iPod nano and not the touch as everyone expected. You’ve heard our rant—but what do you think?

Watch Steve Jobs' Semi-Triumphant Return To The Apple Stage

The event itself may have been underwhelming, but Steve Jobs’ return to the stage amid thunderous applause was definitely a bright spot. See for yourself.

Hands On: The iPod Nano Video Interface Is Smooooooth

It’s cheap and it’s small. But how does the new iPod nano’s video actually work? Check out our interface clip here.

Download iTunes 9 Right Now

The download page is live for PC and Mac versions of the new iTunes—and here’s why you should definitely get it.

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