Catch Of The Day Hacked In 2011, Only Now Informing Users

This week, deal site Catch of the Day sent out an email regarding an “illegal cyber intrusion” of its website to affected users. The company believes “names, delivery addresses [and] email addresses”, as well as encrypted passwords and “in some cases” credit card data, were comprised during the attack. Fair enough you might say, letting people know you’ve been hacked. Shame it took CotD three years to do it.

This Girl's Facebook Cover Photos Are Just Fantastic

Facebook cover photos aren’t just a banner at the top of your profile page; they’re an art form. We were impressed when we saw these masterworks from Libby Cooper. And apparently so was Nikki, who took them as inspiration to make an awesome batch of her own.

Awww, The Little Google Maps Guy Is Wearing Socceroos Gear!

Briefly: World Cup madness is sweeping the internet — even the little yellow guy on Google Maps is wearing his soccer gear. Apparently, he’s wearing the uniform of whatever nation you view him in — naturally that means the green and gold for Australia.

Facebook Experimented On Random Users To Study News Feed Emotions

Spend time with a Debbie Downer, and you’ll likely end up feeling blue. Turns out, the same is true digitally: Facebook’s new study says this “emotional contagion” works just as strongly through your News Feed — which they discovered after tinkering with the emotional content of nearly 700,000 random users’ feeds.

A Depressing Insight Into Social Media

Directed and produced by three brothers: Shaun, Andrew and Steven Higton, “What’s on your mind” explores the sometimes depressing world of social media. We can’t all be jet-setting around the globe or falling in love constantly, but Facebook in particular has a way of bunching up all the happy moments of your friends’ lives into a constant stream of updates, which can give the less-active person the impression that they’re living an empty life.

Is 802.11ac Wi-Fi Actually Worth The Extra Cost?

Good Wi-Fi just makes life better — it’s a known fact. You can have the fastest NBN or cable internet in the world, but if you can’t actually access it in every corner of your house, there’s not really much point paying for it. To this end, you need a good Wi-Fi router. But it is it worth paying for an expensive 802.11ac model?

ISS Astronauts Make The Best Vines, Everyone Else Just Give Up

Astronaut Reid Wiseman tweeted this Vine a few days ago from the International Space Station. It’s so beautiful, it makes me want to delete my Vine app. Because I know I’ll never even come close to this beauty.

Facebook Pokes: Creepy Or Funny?

Facebook pokes, LinkedIn romance, and how to deal with someone who doesn’t understand email — that’s what we’re dealing with this week at User Manual, Gizmodo’s weekly internet advice column. We’re here to help!

Another Step Forward For The NBN As Fixed Wireless Switched On In SA

Almost 1000 homes and businesses in rural South Australia are able to access (relatively) high-speed Internet for the first time, after the first fixed wireless components of the NBN were recently switched on in areas south of Adelaide.

How To Watch Every FIFA World Cup Match In Australia, Online And On TV

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is upon us. 32 teams from around the world are in Brazil for the 20th meeting of the worldwide football tournament, and you’ll be able to watch every single game live in Australia — wherever you are — thanks to the hard work of SBS.