This Tweet Contains All The Code For An Entire (Tiny) Game

If the popularity of game jams is anything to go by, indie game coders love the chance to flex their programming and creative skills. So when Aussie dev Ben Porter last week issued the challenge to fit a game inside a single tweet, he got some great replies, including this strangely addictive effort from a guy by the name of Alex Yoder.

Engineers Just Broke The Capacity Limit For Fibre Optic Transmission

So, that Internet apocalypse that’s going to befall us when the our fibre optic cables max out? Maybe not so much. On Thursday, engineers reported in Science that they’d broken the “capacity limit” for fibre optic transmission, opening the door to future networks that carry more data further at lower costs.

The GIF That Encapsulates This Wonderful Week

On Friday, Mother Jones shared a cartoon by the Southern Poverty Law Center that pretty much encapsulates this incredible week (below). Could it get any better? Yes. Some genius knew exactly what that comic strip looked like and created the GIF shown above.

Oh Look, You Can Now Shop On Twitter

Change is in the air over at Twitter. Last week, the social media giant’s CEO stepped down, and earlier this week, we heard reports of the company’s forthcoming “Project Lightning,” a Snapchat-esque feature that will make it easier for you to keep up with trending events.

Google Finally Gives Revenge Porn Victims A Way To Remove Abusive Links

It’s about damn time. Now that about half the states in the US have passed laws banning revenge porn and several people have been convicted under those laws, Google says it will finally give revenge porn victims the option to get said revenge porn removed from searches. That’s progress!

Man Saws His Stuff In Half After Getting A Divorce

Getting a divorce is no picnic, but having to separate all of the devices, vehicles and furniture you and your spouse shared can add another dimension of stress to the ordeal. Here’s one option, if you’ve got a dark sense of humour and a saw: Cut all that stuff in half.

I Want To Spend All My Money At This Science Nerd Gift Shop

There’s a new one-stop shop for nerdy science gifts, and I’m legitimately concerned it’s going to eviscerate my savings. GeekWrapped is a brand-new curation site that aggregates a fantastically cool array of science-related toys and gifts, using referrals from partner websites like Etsy and Amazon.

This Handy Web-Based Tool Is Like Facial Recognition For Birds

There are many interesting biological questions a biology degree doesn’t necessarily equip you to answer. For instance, as a bio major at one of the world’s top ornithology research universities, I managed to skate by without learning diddly squat about birds.

Tumblr Now Has A GIF Search Feature

Long before Giphy existed, Tumblr was a home for our animated treasures. Now, the blogging platform is making it easier for us to comb through its vast collection of GIFs and add them to our posts than ever before, with the rollout of its very own GIF search engine.

Chinese Hackers Accused Of Two More Huge Security Breaches In The States

Remember when hackers accessed files from US health insurance firms Anthem and Premera last year? According to the New York Times, it was the same Chinese hackers suspected of breaching the US Office of Personnel Management’s files.