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The Ashley Madison Hackers Break Their Silence

The hackers who stole countless gigabytes of Ashley Madison user data finally spoke up. In an interview with Motherboard, the Impact Team said that “Nobody was watching” when they broke into Ashley Madison’s servers repeatedly over the past few years. “[We] got in and found nothing to bypass,” said one of the hackers.

North Korea's Internet Is Basically That Town From The Truman Show

North Korea is one of the most isolated countries in the world. But a new interview with a telecommunications employee who worked inside the country is full of surprises about what kind of phone and internet access the average North Korean has.

Extortionists Are After The Ashley Madison Users And They Want Bitcoin

People are the worst. An unknown number of arseholes are threatening to expose Ashley Madison users, presumably ruining their marriages. The hacking victims must pay the extortionists “exactly 1.0000001 Bitcoins” or the spouse gets notified. Ugh.

Working For Amazon Sounds Like A Soul Crushing Experience

Amazon factories, with their insane, round-the-clock delivery schedules, are notoriously hellish places to work. But life at corporate Amazon isn’t exactly a picnic, either. Here, CEO Jeff Bezos’ terrifying workplace manifesto permeates every aspect of life.

Russia Bullies Reddit Into Removing Thread On Shrooms

It took a bloody revolution at Reddit to come up with some (messy, confusing) guidelines on what constitutes bannable content, but in countries where censorship is already rampant, Reddit’s policy is apparently much more straightforward: Cave to political pressure.

Retweets Kinda Are Endorsements If You're Retweeting ISIS

You can claim your retweets aren’t endorsements, but if you’re retweeting known terrorists on a regular basis, feds in the US may just use that as evidence to arrest you.

Trek Moves Bicycle Sales Online

In a first for a big bicycle brand, Trek is moving its sales online. And it’s claimed to be a move that won’t just benefit consumers, but your local bicycle shop, too.

Another Secular Blogger Was Brutally Murdered In Bangladesh 

Niloy Chatterjee is the fourth Bangladeshi blogger to be attacked and killed in the last six months. Chatterjee, 40, who wrote under the pseudonym Niloy Neel, had feared for his life following the horrific murders of fellow secular-minded bloggers.

Russians Blamed For Cyberattack On Pentagon Email Systems 

Russia is the leading suspect behind a cyberattack that prompted the Pentagon to take an unclassified email system offline last month. According to NBC News, that the email system has been offline every since.

Watch The World Switch From Internet Explorer To Chrome

Somewhere deep in the cobweb-filled recesses of your brain, you might remember a time when checking your email meant booting up Internet Explorer. But as this infographic shows, it wasn’t long ago that the world was filled with Internet Explorers. Then, a couple years back, nearly every country switched to Chrome.

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